Saturday, June 30, 2007

First attempt with photos

Ok. So I figured out how to include photos on this thing. But I can't figure out how to turn it so it's the right direction. Anyway, here's a nice photo of the lace scaft that I finished the other day. The first time I was able to block something and it work! Apparently my outdoor chairs are enjoying a little handmade love.
Here's a close up of the leaf pattern. I used a great new yarn called "Yummy" (Kollage) that is 80% bamboo, 20% Merino. I absolutely loved working with this yarn! I was introduced to it when a friend of mine took me along on a "yarn tasting" at this quaint yarn shop in MD. I thought it was such a great idea! We sampled many new yarns made from bamboo, hemp, and corn while enjoying fruit and wine. What a great night to spend with yarn freaky friends!

The pattern can be found here (Branching Out).


Maddie said...

Fantastic scarf. It looks something like a lacy leaf scarf that I made with some Aurora 8 yarn. I'm sure the yarn is much better to knit with though. It's too funny that we live on the same street! I can't believe we both joined the same swap. Well, I guess I'll leave it at that. I want to start to put together my package for you =)

jasmine said...

ohh, I like it -- I think we chose a good color!!

Wendy said...

Hi Maddie! Yeah, isn't it ironic. I'm still somewhat new to the area - still figuring out all the dead ends and unconnected streets of Arlington. I'm not sure if we live on the exact same street or not. The zips are different. But cool none the less.
I'm working on 100 things about me to post this afternoon, which might give a better look into my life.

Virtuous said...

Nice job on branching out. I still have this one on my "to do" list! :op