Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keepin' Cool in Summer Dishcloth Swap

I'm jumping on the bandwagon for this fun summer swap. Wanna join us?

1. Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long? I've been knitting for about 4 or 5 years now.

2. Do you enjoy using metal, wooden, or some other kind of needle\hook? I love my Options needles for most projects. And I use the metal dpns that I find in my local cheap-o craft store for socks. I also have a small collection of Clover wood needles. I've seen some really beautiful needles out there but I haven't tried them yet.

3. What are your favorite types of yarn? Any you just can't stand? I'm really into sock yarns right now and am hoping to experiment with some lace this summer. There are so many great yarns out there that I don't know if I can choose just one or even a few right now.

4. When it comes to cotton, are there any brands you'd love to try and haven't? Don't know. I've only used Sugar N Cream for cloths. But I do have some Lambs Pride cotton in my stash that I'd like to play with this summer. I don't really know a whole lot about the cottons out there. But I'm eager to try something new.

5. When you make Dishcloths, do you use them yourself, or tend to give them as gifts? I haven't done many dishcloths. The cloths that I've done have been baby washcloths or trivit-like cloths for gifts.

6. Do you have a favorite color? Any that you dislike? I like very earthy colors. The majority of my house is earthy looking with browns, beighes, blues, and reds. Although my eyes in a yarn store are drawn to the bright colors (I mean, who's isn't?) but the bright stuff just isn't really me in the house. Although I love the bright pinks and purples in my garden.

7. What color(s) (if any!) are your kitchen and bath decorated in? My kitchen walls are yellow and my dishes are very earthy green, yellow, and red pottery. My bathroom is dark blue and retro blue (the toliet was put in in the 40'2 and is retro blue).

8. What are your favorite scents around the house? Clean fresh smells for summer.

9. What is your very favorite thing about summer? No school!!! I have the freedom to do the things I really want to do suring the summer months. Sometimes I take a class or get a part time job that is completely different from my actual job. It would be nice to take some art like class this summer.

10. What is your least favorite thing about summer? Those days that it gets blistering hot and you can't even stand to be in your own skin and your electric bill goes sky high from the AC going full blast 24/7.

11. Do you use soap or body wash in the shower? I generally use body wah in the shower. At the sink I go back and forth between liquids and natural hand made bars.

12. What scents do you enjoy in the bath? Just about anything but particularly honey, coconut, and lavender.

13. What is your favorite dishcloth pattern? I don't know that I really have one. But I do know that I don't perfer ones that are really lacy or holey. Tecture is good but I get my fingers stuck in holes. Besides I think I would rather have a bathcloth if my swap pal is ok with that. I really enjoy exfoliating in the shower. I find it really relaxing. Washing dishes are not so relaxing if you know what I mean.

14. What sort of treats do you enjoy? Sweet or Salty? I enjoy all sorts of treats. I'm trying to be good this summer and loose some weight from all those treats. I plan on following the Weight Watchers plan and doing lots of walking this summer. But those yummy treats will find their way into my life every now and then.

15. Imagine today is one of the hottest days of the year - what do you do to keep cool? Or are you one of those folks who loves the hot weather? I love the warmer weather. A perfect summer afternoon includes sitting out on the porch with a great glass of iced tea or lemonaid, reading a book or knitting small projects like socks, and admiring the plants around me. Occasionally going over to rub the rosemary or lavender for a little aroma therapy. But if the weather gets too hot, I'm all about hitting the local indoor ice rink for an hour or two of ice skating. What a treat in the summer heat!

16. What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy besides knitting or crocheting? reading, gardening with herbs and greenery, shopping, drinking tea

17. Do you collect anything (besides yarn!) Books. All kinds. I love Jodi Picoult and kids poetry books. I have an Amason wish list with my current book wants. My Amazon wish list

18. Are you on Ravelry? If so, share your ID! knitknucklehead

19. Do you have any allergies? Mushrooms and all foods that live underwater.

20. Do you have any pets? Not allowed to have pets here.

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