Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Swift Knits

A quick post to timeline the speed at which the French Market Bag was knit up.

Friday afternoon: a short stop at ACMoore for Patons Classic Merino Wool choices in New Denim, Leaf Green, Natural Mix, and Chestnut Brown, :
(and talk about inexpensive!)

Saturday and Sunday afternoons: life with Dave at the build allows for more time to "stick up" (size 9 Options from Knit Picks) and so grows the bag:

Tuesday evening: all loose ends are tied up... the fun begins:
(I still can't get my photos to cooperate with directionality... sorry.)

Wednesday evening: wash day! one round with the towels and sheets was not enough so another round on it's own (maybe it should have only been a half round more):
I think I may go back for some more and get a head start on some Christmas gifts. I'm in love with this bag!


Virtuous said...

Very cute! I liked how your striped it! I may have to do this too!

Gracie said...

I am really impressed - with both the speed of the project and your finished product. I'm going to get started on the Tahoe sweater soon (I just dropped a bunch of stitches on my Pi shawl and must spend a couple of hours getting them on or give up knitting forever), but I think I'll give the French market bag a try. Thanks for sharing the pictures and inspiring me.