Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heading home

This morning I'm heading home to spend some time with my folks and of course The Little Man. I cherish the times I get to do that. My other sweet cherish won't be there with us, so it'll be different. Dad and I also have some crafting to do. I'll be sure to post pictures later this week.
I have plenty of knitting all packed up but who knows how much knitting time I'll get in. Things on the homefront are usually pretty hectic and there's always several things going on.
I hope everyone out there in knitting blogland has a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. Enjoy the time off and relax with something pumpkin flavored. mmmmmmm pumpkin pie........


dobarah said...

Enjoy being HOME...I just love that word. Alas, there is the continental divide between my parents and me. We hope to go over after the official Tday, but that depends on the amount of snow. We will be at one of my SIL's homes tomorrow. (The hubby is one of 5 kids.) That will mean about 33 of us all together. Let the good times roll!

Blessings to you and your family!

Virtuous said...

Have a glorious and blessed Thanksgiving!!