Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ravelry and Flickr

After a total knitting marathon today where I did just about nothing but sit on the couch and knit while Honey wrapped all the gifts that he purchased yesterday, I have two finished pieces to show... but the lighting is horrible today so I have no photos yet. I was kind of happy that the weather was wet and yucky - even more reason to curl up inside with a cozy blankie, a hot cup of tea, and to knit to my heart's content. But the weather does me crappy photos. Maybe Jaz can help me out with a professional photo shoot on Tuesday or Friday.

In the meantime, I stepped on over to Ravelry to organize a little more and decided to add some info on recent projects. Maybe I'm just tired, but I kept clicking on the wrong thing or hitting the enter button and it bumping me out and into something else. Then there was also the issue of finding all the yarn labels and figuring out what size needles I used for each project. Not hard, just a pain since I'd be much happier to remain here on the couch rather than keep getting up. Then I realized that I need a Flickr account in order to show off my goods - which I don't already have. So I skipped over to Flickr to get me an account. Again, it must be user error but I couldn't get an account up and going. It kept telling me that I filled out part of the the questiony part wrong but I couldn't figure out what part. No Flickr account for me. :( Needless to say, I have no photos up on Ravelry. Maybe that can be part of my New Year's Resolutions.

The wind is really howling now. Honey has been watching our grill drift across the deck. I plan on heading off to bed any minute now. Hopefully I won't have dreams of the roof lifting off the house and we still have a grill tomorrow morning. Maybe the howling wind will enter my dreams and take me away to OZ to meet DZ and The Tin Man. Which if you missed this SciFi mini series special, you gotta find a way to see it! Honey and I loved every minute of it! It's a very interesting take on the Wizard of Oz. But I'm still wondering if it's really just a scifi remake or if it's really a future generataion, history repeats itself kind of thing, which I think is way cooler. Either way, check it out if you haven't already.

Sweet knitting dreams everyone!


Virtuous said...

Now I REALLY feel guilty about knittig which = nada!
The computer keeps sucking me in!!

I hate that you the internet kept burping back at you! Definitely try again!
I was wondering how are you on Ravelry w/o Flickr!! But you are just pictureless.

Have a fabulous week!

Amy said...

Tin Man was AMAZING!!! I watched the whole thing every time that it was on. Of course, I've had a huge crush on Neal McDonough (Cain) since I first watched Band of Brothers.

Speaking of Tin Man, have you read the books Wicked and Son Of A Witch? Both are fantastic!!!!

Stay warm, and don't let the wind blow you away!

Anonymous said...

Well, no knitting is happening at my house, but such is life! I'm glad you had a good movie to suck you in...

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I recorded Tin Man on DVR, It's saved to watch. I'm glad to hear it was good!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can't remember if we TiVo'd that...I really would like to see it. Thanks!

Anne said...

You actually don't have to have flickr to put photos up on Ravelry - I had the same problem and zero desire to add photos to 2 spots. If you search on Ravelry or my blog there's a link about signing up to beta test slurping images from somewhere besides flickr - Its the only reason I plan on trying to get any of my projects up at all.