Friday, February 1, 2008

...still catching my breath

I've already posted about Sunday and Monday of this week as well as the SITMT package I recieved on Tuesday... so we're on to Wedneday. Work was busy and was delighted to come home to a package from Amazon. I earned a $25 gift certificate for using my credit card and so I decided to treat myself a little. I picked up a few books - a little learning and understanding, a little relaxing and rejunivating. I've heard wonderful things about the Passages book and how it explains the crisises we go through throughout our adult lives. I can't wait to get some insight into my current life crisises!

On Thursday another package arrived on my doorstep. This one from the hands of The Loopy Ewe. Two colorways of Jitterbug and 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill. Love that Jitterbug! And don't you just adore The Loopy Ewe stitch marker inclosed?!(Actually I think I got those two days mixed up. The Loopy Ewe package come on Wednesday and the books came on Thursday. It's been a long week.)

But before I had a chance to come home on Thursday to find such goodies in my mail, Sarah presented me with this lovely stitch markers she made especially for me!!!
She's such a terrific gal! Sarah, if these are a bribe to use the ball winder and swift again... it worked! You're welcome any time.

As for today's news... it's actually a set up for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm planning on taking a little road trip on down Chan's direction to meet her for lunch and knitting. How exciting is it to meet some new blogger friends face to face!!! I'm exhausted at the moment and plan to go to bed early so that I'll have plenty of energy and liveliness for tomorrow's adventure. Maybe I'll also make an attempt to update on Ravelry. If you're hangin' around, swing on by Knitknucklehead and say hello.


KSee said...

you are going to love the Cherry Hill. I've not tried Jitterbug yet. give Chan a hug. I'm jealous maybe we can meet and do the trip again. Can't wait to hear your next post.

Virtuous said...

Great treats for you!
What do you think about the Weekend Knitting book?
I really like it!