Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Work Weekend

While some of you were out frolicking around the MD Wool festival I was enlisted in some cheap slave work in Cape May. A friend from work suggested to a group of us that we take a girl's weekend at the Chalfont in Cape May for one of their work weekends. This historical building is in need of repair and maintenance work each year and they rely on volunteers to sign up for these weekends to keep things up and running in historical style. It's a grand old building with lots of historical wonders.

For $35 and a promise of 10 hours of work throughout the weekend we stayed in charming rooms and were served meals like southern kings.

Several of us were assigned the large wrap around porch to scrape, sand, and repaint.
After 10 hours of hard work and LOTS of scraping, the porch went from this
to this to this

We met a ton of wonderful people from all over and spent a little time walking along the beach and throughout the town. All in all it was a wonderful weekend away from home.


sherriknits said...

I have never heard of anything like this but it sounds really cool. You really are finding interesting things to fill your time and I'm glad for that.

KSee said...

what a great way to spend the weekend.

KSee said...

just got into work and was sharing this with Carol. Then looked at the weekends available. Everything is all booked up!

chanknits said...

Very cool!! What a rewarding weekend.

Virtuous said...

Gurl you know you love some hard labor! LOL
What a great set up! Glad you had such a fulfilling weekend!

Anne said...

omg I've been there :D I'm glad to see you getting out to do something fun (and tiring) though - it's awesome! I'm proud of you :)