Thursday, August 7, 2008

Somebody loves me

Well, maybe 'love' is a strong word seeing how my swap pal is a stranger to me. But that's how I felt when I opened my latest package from my SP12 secret pal. She must have been reading along or telepathically knows that life has been quite sh!tty this year but that I'm ready to begin turning things around. Actually, I've been wanting to be ready for quite some time now, but it just wasn't happening just yet. But now I'm ready to make my move. And this package is a clear reminder of that. That yarn you see there is as soft as melted butter only not as greasy. It's Classic Elite's Inca Marl in a oh so me rusty red. I'm going to have to knit something special just for me out of this. That is if I can stop rubbing it all over my body long enough to knit with it!
This photo doesn't do the yarn justice and looks too purply. But wait till you see what else was included with it! My darling secret pal made me these knifty row counters. They are so crafty and what a great idea. I'm going to have to figure out how she made these because I'm sure that a few of my knitting friends are going to want some.

Also included was a pen, a dpn holder, and a box of Swedish Fish. The pen has already made it into the bag I carry daily, the dpn holder is already in use with a pair of socks that I hope to be carrying around to finish (how did she know that I had these on my LoopyEwe wish list?) and the Swedish Fish are already gone. I haven't had a snack in two days (back on WW again) and was jonesing for something sweet. I haven't had Swedish Fish in SO long! They were always a favorite of mine. But I think the best part of the package (other than the yarn of course!) and most significant for me was the other two items. The message on the nail file is one that I need to remind myself of daily so it's going in my daily bag as well. There are lots of little good things going on in my life and I want to focus on them so that the sum of all the little things will make the bigger picture look brighter and happier. And I'm learning that day by day, life is going by. If we don't enjoy it now, when will we?

And this item is totally the way I feel right now. I'm ready to start over. Last Saturday I re-registered with WeightWatchers, work begins on Monday, I actually bought make up the other day (if I'm going to land another man I'm gonna have to look good right?), I've been buying new clothes.... so many things to mark a beginning. So what better way to start each day than a big mug of reminders?
My SP12 pal my not 'love' me but I can feel the loving thoughts she has sent my way. I certainly am in love with each item she included and can't wait to find out who she is so that I can tell her myself how much I appreciate her 'love', support, and friendship so far.

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Channon said...

I'm so glad you have a great pal. Makes it fun, yes?