Tuesday, September 23, 2008

AHEDE week #2 question

(Anne, I hope you don't mind me 'borrowing' the photos you're posting along with each week's question. I noticed that we don't have a button yet and I love this picture... well, really most pictures of fall.)
Here in Atlanta, it's finally cooling down, and beginning to truly seem like fall. I sit now with windows open, and the air is cooler than usual, and trees are beginning to change. For me, cool mornings, crisp evenings, and trees in red, gold and orange glory are the very best parts of Fall - What are your favorite parts of fall? How do you know it's truly arrived where you are?

What's not to love about fall!?!?!? It's only my fav-or-ite season of the year! I love the colors of fall. That getting crisper almost damp easier to breath smell of fall. (my allergies have more to do with losing my voice and this year ear troubles rather than breathing issues like most) It's time to bust out a pretty scarf to throw over a long sleeve t-shirt or a unpack those sweaters that were hibernating all summer long. Jeans become a standard in the wardrobe that's perfectly acceptable. Pumpkins can be found just about everywhere you look. Earth tones and rusts are a favorite of mine. Oh, and then there's that thing about my b-day being in October and all. :)
In other news, Dobarah has lured me into the claws of Plurk. If you'd like to check it out and join the growing crowd there, click on the update Plurk widget on the sidebar.
On the knitting front, there has been some secret knitting and some Christmas knitting decisions made and planned for. I'm hoping to get an early start on it all because already looking at my calendar for the rest of the year makes my head spin. There's nothing that I would want to leave out, but there's a lot in there. I want to make sure I have enough time to fit it all in and maybe knit a few little somethin-somethins for meself intermixed in there as well.
For those of you following my run of doctor's appointments, we're almost complete with the latest transition into the newest combination of drugs and so far I think I like them. The migraines appear to be less and the side affects to be few. But the body still has some adjusting to do none the less. Now if I could just kick these allergies in the butt...


dobarah said...

Welcome to Plurking...and you already have oodles of buddies to visit with...including me. We have a lot in common...even these nasty allergies and sinuses. Take care!

Alison Boon said...

Fall is great. Hope the allergies have eased up.