Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas knits update

With the failing economy this year there will be several friends and family members receiving knitted gifts this year for Christmas. Today, you get a peak at what I'm sending up to PA to the ole' college roomie and her family.

Jenny (note: only I am allow to call her that) adores the color red. It's a great color for her. Daring and wild. Vibrant and energetic. Warm and inviting. So she needed something that says just that about her. So these babies will be neatly wrapped and flying north to meet their rightful owner next month.I figured with a 2 year old and another one on the way, having those finger tips readily available for seat belt buckleing, Cheerio dispensing, and nose wiping would be so much easier. I'm thinking of knitting up a scarf to go along with these, but haven't gotten around to that just yet.
Pattern: adjusted Fetchings Yarn: Berroco Comfort, Red

But as for her hubby, he's getting a similar pair.

Again, I'm thinking having direct access to those fingertips will come in handy this winter for him as well.

Pattern: Dashing Yarn: Berroco Comfort, Blue

And as for their little one, I'm thinking that I do a little hat and pair of matching mittens but I don't know if I have anything in my stash that would work for her. I'll have to take a peak and see if I can find something fitting. It would be nice to get the whole family checked off the list. How cruel would it be to mail it a month early just to get it out of the house and off of my to do list?

Day 3: check


Bubblesknits said...

Great presents! I just finished my dad's Peekaboo Mittens (is it just me or does that name make you think of a piece of lingerie?). lol

Channon said...

Go girl, go! As always, I have so many ideas, and not only am I running out of time, but I have no inclination either.

Jeanne said...

Very nice - I made the same things for my family last year!

gypsyknits said...

Wonderful thoughtful gifts. Keep on knitting.
I agree with bubbleknits, the name reminds me of lingerie...LOL