Friday, December 12, 2008

Historic Photos of Arlington County

After living in Arlington for 3 years, and finally beginning to really understand my way around its disjointed streets and dead end neighborhoods, I felt it was time to learn a little more about the rich history of the area. Actually the book Historic Photos of Arlington County came across my path and peaked my interest. Leafing through the pages I sometimes had a hard time imagining the once less compacted version of my community in it's much simpler form. But was it really a simpler life? Arlington is full of rich and exciting history. A native Arlingtonian neighbor visiting one evening spotted the book on my coffee table and began to leaf through it reflecting aloud the memories it brought back of his own personal life and family history. Once forgotten photos of the past brought to mind stories of "I remember when...", "This used to be...", and other personal accounts inspired by the book. My neighbor friend and I spend many an hour sitting over a pot of tea and poured over the memories and history the book generated. A special gift that I'll cherish this year. If you have a history lover in your life, I would encourage you to check out other books in the series from Turner Publishing. As with every year, I am


Ms. B. said...

That Arlington book looks great. I have several editions covering different areas in Pittsburgh and one for here in Alexandria. Studying where life has been helps people to see where they are heading.

Great blog, Sunshine!

Knitting by the Pond said...

Great post! I love talking to older people and hearing the history! What a great gift to have a neighbor with memories to share!

Channon said...

I need to blog about the books I'm buying for the holidays... I love those kinds of books!