Saturday, February 21, 2009

Turning stitches

This past year has brought many changes to my life..... so many thoughts that I'd rather not enter into right now are tempting to flash through my mind. But here I want to focus on something knitting related. Something to show that I'm Kreative for Chan. I was fortunate enough to get involved with Secret Pal 12 this past year and magically was paired up with a lovely gal from PA who just may be my wouldabeen-couldabeen-shouldabeen long-lost twin sis. Ever since, she's been there for me and I for her through some emotional ups and downs. She's inspired me to get myself some crochet hooks (although some actual lessons will be needed to get them to function properly) and I've gotten her back into the swing of loving working with her yarns. Just after the holidays she introduced me to another wonderful gal with whom she'd been in close contact with and suggested that the three of us do a mini KAL together. It would appear that we three Muskateetes were experiencing some somewhat similar emotional challenges/life changes and the KAL was meant to be a sort of symbolic bonding of the friendships we've made and maybe provide us with a reminder of the strength we've given each other. My SP12 pal, Katie, was in the process of going through all of her yarn and deciding what to destash in hopes of an up coming move. She found several skeins of a lovely Lornas Laces and decided to send two skeins to each of us to use for our KAL. Now each of us would have the same yarn to tie our friendships together. We knew we were going to settle on a scarf pattern, but which to choose. Many Ravelry searches later, and Shifting Sands seemed to be the ideal pattern. The name itself appeared to suggest the changes or shifting happening in each of our lives. The color changes would dance and play and twist and turn as it traveled along. How much more symbolic can you get??? And as I began to slowly allow the yarn to slide through my fingers and wrap around and off the needles, an amazing sense of calm came over me.... a wonderful feeling of zen.

I actually did this portion during a school board meeting regarding the budget and stayed calm and relaxed through the whole thing! Even when they announced that they are cutting my position! Don't worry, I still have a job. I just won't be doing the same thing next year that I am this year. I wasn't worried about finishing quickly. I figured that change takes time and since this scarf is representing the friendships I've made through my changes, it could take some time too. But progress it did.

One repeat here, two there, relaxed, calmed, and clearheaded, it didn't take long before I had something wonderful. Something that I've worn everyday this week to remind me of the shifting happening in my life and of the friendships I have to give me strength. Many changes still lay ahead. But now I have this beauty to arm myself with to remind me of the strength and faith my friends give me. Thank you, Katie. For everything.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Such a special scarf!! And friendship it sounds like!

My BFF from the knitblogs, Discoknits, and I became friends when she was my secret pal! We too did mini-KAL....we have two pairs of matching socks :) So glad you have two very special friends to share so much with!

Karin said...

How cool. I love the scarf and the yarn seemed to pool like shifting sands. I love the colors. What great online pals you have.


Virtuous said...

What a beautiful post!!! And so MEANT TO BE!!

I liked this part when you said "I figured that change takes time and since this scarf is representing the friendships I've made through my changes, it could take some time too."

But I like even better that the scarf colors are bright and cheery colors, that to me symbolizes hope and joy ahead!! :oD

Keep on taking comfort in your new friends, knitting, and soon to be crocheting!! (FYI March is Crochet month! I plan to get my hook out too! Yay!)

Scrabblequeen said...

Love your scarf. Glad it has helped you "deal" with some of the stuff in your life "better". Also glad you found your twin!

Sarah said...

That scarf is gorgeous! I love it even more for what it has done and is doing for your. I adore knits with a story. I hope you continue to find comfort and stability, one stitch at a time.

Channon said...

That's beautiful - the scarf, the yarn, the friendship in it. I'm sorry about your position... what WILL you be doing next year?

Jennifer said...

Its just amazing how small our world really is and that people near and far can bond for long lasting friendships.

I love the Lorna's Lace one of my favorite yarns and the pattern for the scarf really shows the beauty of the colors.

Keep knitting and hanging in there.