Friday, July 13, 2007

My life this week in photos

This is why I hate the squirrels and birds in my back yard. These are the only crops that I've successfully harvested from my backyard garden (before they've gotten to them) and I have huge doubts about what might still be to come.

How I've been spending most of my free time this week.

Taking a break this afternoon to attempt to block the pieces of Isabella. Inspiration to complete the project: Knitty KAL.

Heading to PA this weekend to visit the ol' college roomie and meet the newest memeber of her family. Taking this cute bank along to greet the little one. Alreay knitted a baby blanket last Christmas in hopes she would come along and sent Scoop through the mail to greet her upon her official arrive to the world. Wish I would have had a little more time and a few less projects already "sticked up" to have made her a little something else to take with for the offical meeting.

Took a mini field trip over to Vienna to a quaint little yarn shop, Uniquities, to find this great ribbon-like cotton yarn that I plan on using for my official Knitty KAL project, Sueet Suede. I can't wait to get started next week! If only I didn't have the other events in my life to get in the way of knitting!

FYI - lost 1 lb this week! Only 9 more to go!

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