Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The trip to PA was a success. I really enjoyed getting to spend a little time with the ol'college roommate. It's weekends like this that you remember all the things that helped to form who you are today, as well as remind you of how old you're really getting. Is it really possible that we are in our 30's??? Sounds crazy! Who ever said that we were qualified to get married, sustain a healthy marriage, and raise children? Someone must have been mistaken... we surely can't be old enough for this right? (or maybe it's all about realizing how much our parents really didn't know about this stuff either when we were little and thought they knew everything... so much can be explained now....)

But all in all, I love my old roomie and it was wonderful to spend the weekend with her and her new "official" family. It just reinforces how much I'm not ready for kids of my own. Don't get me wrong, I can be quite the "baby hog" and would appear to make a great mom one day. I enjoy my time loving up the little ones. But at the end of the day, I relish in the idea that I can give them back to their owners.

Here's a cute little photo (which I still haven't gotten the knack of turning properly) of the 'princess for the day'. She's in her official 'royal' gown... can you believe that someone in her linage knitted it over 100 years ago!?!?!? Boy, talk about quality work! I don't know if any of my knits will last that long! I don't know if you can see or not, but it has very intricate details and lace work. I can't imagine the circumference of the needles she must have used for this. Each of those little circles that you see was made up of like 20 or 30 other smaller circles and the stripes are actually tiny links.

Upon returning from the weekend, and long drive, I had a desire to knit... can you believe that? Even though I know the Knitty KAL doesn't officially start until Thursday or something, I couldn't resist myself. I started on my little hand bag. I think the ribbon yarn is adding quite an interesting effect to the knit. The red that you see is just a provisional cast on to make the seaming later. I can't wait to work on it some more... but I guess I'll have to restrain myself for a few more days.

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Maddie said...

The monkey socks are going MUCH better than those in the past. I have, however, set them aside until I finish my MS3 clue because there's a BIG one coming out on Friday and I really need to be ready to churn out some serious lacework =)