Monday, August 13, 2007

All better

All of you out there in knitter-blogger land will be happy to know that the finger boo-boo is all healed now... thanks to some boo-boo healer gel and a great little band aid. Thank goodness the injury wasn't permanent and the knitting can proceed! It has actually scared/scabbed over now and it numb to the touch... a great relief from the jolting pain.
The little break from knitting gave me a chance to work on putting together my swap package for Stacey. We each had such a great time with the Red Color Swap last month that we decided to do it again. However, this month's color is pink and neither of us are big on pink so we decided to swap favorite colors with each other. Stacey's favorite color is purple and I've had a blast putting together a "Passionate Purple Package" for her. I can't wait to send it out and see how much she loves it! I knitted her up a little funky something but I can't show it just yet. Maybe once she receives her package she'll send me a photo of her with it to post here. (hint hint Stacey!) In honor of the "Passionate Purple Package" I've decided to start knitting up my Tofutsies in their exclusive Tidal Wave Socks pattern.... I adore them!!! I know understand the passion Stacey has for purple! I don't know what colorway they are... it doesn't say on the label (boo-hoo). But they are wonderful purples, green, and a hint of blue. Take a peak at their progress so far:

Can you tell I'm a very visual person and I'm becoming addicted to adding photos to this blog????

But mostly the hurty boo-boo gave me a reason to work on some blocking and seaming this weekend. Here's the finished blocked A Touch of Whimsy Scarf requested by Aunt Sue. I think it turned out quite nice. It's done in a beautiful Malabrigo in Emerald Blue. I think she's going to enjoy the leafy look. It may just be a scarf, but I enjoyed knitting it. In fact I learned how to do an i-cord cast on and cast off for this project. I totally recommend it as a really nice quick gift for anyone. It knit up fairly quick and has that little somein'-somein' to it that makes it better than just a scarf.

I also worked at seaming up the baby sweater for the woman that I work with. The shower was way back in June and she's due any day now. Talk about your last minute inspiration for an FO! Last night I successfully seamed on the sleeves and plan on seaming up the sides tonight. She didn't show up for work today, which was a good thing since I haven't seen her since the shower and had to take back the pinned up sweater pieces that I presented to her as her gift - and it's still not done! . But then again, what if the baby came and I haven't finished the sweater?!? I know it's been awfully hot and the baby would be in no danger of freezing had they not had the sweater, but still. It's the principle of it all!

Well, that's all for now. I must go work on posting a few discussion boards and articles on our school's Blackboard. Nothing like a little work before going to bed.


Channon said...

Okay, where did you get Tidalwaves?! I'm hooked on Tofutsies, even if I can't do more than cast on, realize I don't have the right needles, frog...

Those socks are beautiful, and I'm glad you're spoiling Stacey. She's a sweetheart, isn't she?

jasmine said...

While I am happy to be your knitting sensi -- I really can't have you taking after me with this aversion to finishing -- would you get that sweater sewed up already? I am starting to feel guilty. See you tomorrow.

Virtuous said...

Absolutely!! I will definitely post pics on my blog and send you some for yours as well!! *squeals* I can't wait!! I love the title you gave my swap "Passionate Purple Package"! :oD

So glad you are falling in love with purple too! The tidal waves are great!!

And I want to learn how to do the knitted CO & BO I-cord! Wow!

Don't worry about the baby sweater she will be so please that you finished up her especially made knit garment.

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Ms. B. said...

Wendy, they are beautiful. You are a knitting wonder.
I applaud your concentration with some of your more advanced projects. As for me, I guess I am just into the meditation and medication factor with the clacking of needles.

Beautiful work. Who is your friend the T shirt man?

Bonnie said...

Good luck on finishing up the baby sweater! Nothing like a deadline to get us knitters motivated, right?

Your Malabrigo scarf is gorgeous.

Maddie said...

OMG! You've gotten SO MUCH DONE!!! I'm so proud! haha =) hopefully you guys are knitting today. I'll def. be there, so I guess I'll head home if no one shows up. Anyways, sorry I wasn't there last Tuesday. I was at work at 7 and I was totally exhausted!!!