Thursday, August 2, 2007

Being neighborly

Those of you who know me know that I may be a knitter, but seaming and sewing are just not my thing. I mean who else do you know that has stories of sewing machines smoking while using them? A sharp needle, that tiny thread, a foot powered sewing machine, yikes! Put us in a room together and we just don't mix. So a little while ago I joined the Knitty KAL and decided on the Sueet Suede bag as my first project. I decided on a ribbon yarn rather than the suede and I was really pleased with the final product. I had a really cute summer bag all ready to parade around the streets while window shopping. However, something was missing. The yellow in the ribbon didn't appear as much as I would have liked it to. And when putting things like my wallet, keys, or glasses in the bag it took on a mysterious shape, as if I was smuggling small critters (die garden villains, die!). This was not going to do. I was going to need to put in the dreaded fabric liner. Oh lord! Sewing! So of course the bag sat on my unfinished project table for about a month, it wasn't looking good for a FO on this one. But then a miracle happened! A very crafty and talented angel appeared from across my fence post. Not long ago we got new neighbors and it was just my luck that Kay is extremely talented with those dreaded tools I needed to use to finish the bag. I thought I might just pass out from happiness when Kay agreed to help me out with finishing a liner. She spent this morning showing off her talents and skills as she quickly whipped up just what I needed. She even fashioned a cute little rosette thingy to add a special little touch of golden to the outside. I can't wait to show off my FO at my SAM and then WW meetings tonight! Thanks a tickle, Kay! Thank God for fabulous neighbors! I truly have an angel looking over the fence at me!
To check out her blog, click on her name above, but to check out her fabulous artistic work check out Fiber of Her Being.

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Virtuous said...

That is good stuff!! Yep you definitely have a new angel! The yellow flower is too cute! :oD