Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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Back on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

Discussion Questions:

4. When Colette first reconnects with Steve, did you feel this was a relationship she should pursue, a relationship with a possible future? Why or why not?
To be honest, Steve creeped me out from the very beginning. I was uneasy about Colette seeing him. He appeared to be too needy, looking for comfort and love wherever he could get it. Can we say “bootie call!” And for Colette, Steve is too much of a connection to painful memories. I honestly don’t know how she’d be able to look at him at all and not think of her dead husband. I don’t think I would be able to date him in any sense if I was Colette. Maybe if he was still with his wife and the two couples were really that close, she might find comfort in their friendship. But in this case, run, Colette, run!

6. Lydia chooses a prayer shawl for this knitting class. In chapter twelve, the various knitters discuss the significance of the shawl and its pattern. Do any of their comments have particular meaning for you? Are there any comments or observations you’d add if you were part of their discussion?
I loved the various meanings of three stitches that each woman presented. The number 3 has been a mysterical number throughout history and literature. Numbers have various meanings depending on who is looking, what reference and background they bring, and what is most meaningful to them at the moment. All of their interpretations are insightful to their characters and current situations. After reading chapter 12 I’ve decided on knitting a prayer shawl for my aunt. I’ve left the Catholic church for some really personal reasons and have since removed myself from most religious things, including the idea of making a “prayer shawl”. But I liked the idea that Margaret brought up about “knitting anything for anyone who needs a bit of TLC.” And how Colette said “Wrapping a shawl around someone is a symbolic embrace.” My aunt is going through some tough times with a knee replacement and I’ve been looking for things to send her to comfort her and keep her spirits up. I’m now thinking I’ll make her the shawl that Alix made. My symbolic 3 would be Strength, Perseverance, and Energy.

9. Friendship, especially among women, is an important and recurring theme in Debbie Macomber’s novels. In this story we watch the friendship between Alix and Colette take root and grow, despite the initial awkwardness between them. Why do you think they develop such a strong bond?
Alix and Colette appear to be very internal and private people. It takes one to know one and truly appreciate one. I however, tend to be an open book to those who know me and those who are unfortunate enough to have to listen to me. Ask the right question and you might get an answer that never ends. I can find it difficult to understand those who aren’t willing to talk about their problems and might have pushed either one of them to give me more information, which probably would push them away. These two understand and respect each others need to internalize and keep to themselves which helps to build a trusting bond.

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