Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Heat index = 105!!!

OK... So a blog about real life happenings. I know it's been a little while since I've actually wrote inspiring words of my own about how the world revolves around me and all... but hey, I'm trying to enjoy the last few precious moments of my summer vacation before heading back to work tomorrow. Can ya blame me for not wanting to take the time to drabble on and on about my life for a little while? But since I head back into the forefront tomorrow, I thought I might let you all in on how I've spent my last few days.

First off I must complain about how hot it is here. I've been so proud of myself for keeping to my promise to walk every morning. I'm now up to 3 1/2 miles in an hour, which I'm very proud of. But my God was it miserable to walk today. In fact at 8 in the morning the heat index was already in the upper 90's so I had to divide the walk into two sessions. It worked out for the better since I ended up walking more like 4 whole miles, but I was covered in sweat by the time I reached the end of the block... eewww! icky! But I'm sticking to my challenge in loosing those last few pounds, so I'm suffering through the heat and then stripping down to next to nothing to eat my breakfast while sitting in front of the AC. I'll be checking in tomorrow night for a weigh in since I'll be busy with work related stuff on Thursday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Since it's so hot outside that even the devil would be uncomfortable being active outdoors, I've been spending most of my time in the house. (Even the thought of getting into the car and suffocating before the ac really kicks in doesn't appeal to me at the moment. And when have I ever turned down a chance for a shopping trip???) So I've been reading and knitting and watching some really bad TV. Who the hell is in charge of day time TV programming? They should be shot! I've decided the only daytime television that I can stomach is TNT Prime Time in the Daytime. Sad but true. But no one wants to hear about the crappy television I've been watching. You all want to see what's been happening with the knitting. Well, here it is. First up is a felted bowl that I attempted. It's not too bad but it didn't come out like I thought it would. Definitely something I will try again though. It was fast and easy and I can see it making part of a great gift for someone. Fill it with some goodies and you've got yourself a little piece of homemade goodness. The pattern is from Deborah Does Navel Gazing. I used the left over Paton Classic Wool from my French Market Bag.

Next up is a set of scarves I'm collecting to give to the local shelter this winter. (Please don't think poorly of me because I've gone back to making scarves!) In actually these came about while trying to procrastinate from seaming the baby sweater that I'll write about later in this post. I thought a few quick knits would help boost my self-esteem and make me feel like I've accomplished something. Besides, I found the yarn (Paton's Mosaic) at JoAnn's for $0.50 a skein and you can't beat that for a donation item! Both scarves are worked on size 17 needles (I told you they were fast knits). The blue one is with three strands together and it gives it a nice thick and heavy weight. The pink one has only two strands and lays looser. It's only 1/2 done at the moment. Both scarves are done in garter stitch, nothing fancy here.

Next up is two little items that I actually knit for my mom to use as part as a gift for her best friend, a true Kilpatrick! Every year she looks for cute Irish items to give her and I thought
these would make for a nice addition. I love the border stripe. I found the pattern here. I had enough Sugar and Cream yarn to make a smaller version as well.

And then this afternoon I dragged myself out into the sweltering heat to meet up with some good knitting friends at my favorite coffee shop, St. Elmo's. I decided that the only way that I could get myself to quit procrastinating on finishing the baby sweater (and the baby is due sometime this month so I really need to finish it even though the baby won't wear it until this winter) was to take it and only it along. Can I tell you that it took me 2 1/2 hours just to seam the collar on! Have I mentioned how much I hate seaming! Actually I thought it went along quite well. I didn't have to take it out a million times before getting it to line up correctly. Joining me in my 'I don't want to do it but I need to do it to get an FO out' was Jaz and Maddie. Jaz worked on a wrap sweater that's been looming at the back of her knitting basket for about a year due to it's 400+ pick up stitches for a tubular edging cast off thingy. I've not tried something like this but I can see why she's not happy about it. Can I just say, WOW! Then there's Maddie who is working on a cuddly blanket for her man and worked a special square adapted and altered from another pattern which had her changing purls to knits and knits to purls and somehow keeping it all straight. We were quite the little group today!
As you can see, I'm a very visual type person. Lots of photos for today's entry. Notice the almost empty iced chai latte - nothing like a little cold refreshment to get through the deadly heat and knitting frustrations! Hope you all are finding ways to keep cool.


Virtuous said...

LOL @ suffocating in car! Haha!
It is REALLY hot!! The temp was 102 here!! NOT including the heat index!!

Wow! You have been busy!!

Yeah I understand about needing to do quick projects to get the itch and that was a great deal on charity knitting!!

Lot the dishcloths those will make great cute gifts!

What FUN!! @ Knitting together. A very good way to get thru the seaming. Which pattern out of the DB book did you do???

I only WISH I could transport the Lizard Afghan to seaming along with others. Girl this is GRUELING!!! UGH!!!

I love the pics!! Look at you seaming away!!! :oD

Maddie said...

Oh wow. I SO love how you post an AWFUL picture of ALL of us on there. hahaha =) It's all good though. I think I'll live -- I think. I finished the first block and it doesn't match the other one I made, so I think I'm going to totally screw myself over and try something totally different. Boo! Anyways, I'll still be able to have some stuff done by Tuesday. See you then!