Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Parties, Falls, and Packages

I know I've been ignoring the blogging world again this week.... but things have been really super busy at work these past two weeks. So busy that I can't remember anymore when the last time I picked up my needles! Oh, what the horror!!!

I don't really have a whole lot of time even now (I'm in between projects and waiting for some email replies before I can move forward) but I'll be quick in my updates on life.

This past weekend my brothers and I threw a surprise party for Mom's 50th birthday. To all of our surprise, we actually pulled it off! She was really surprised! Mom is one of those people with a sixth and seventh and eighth sense, so this really was a feat for us! I thought I would include a few photos from the event:

This photo is not cooperating, but what in my life is these days? This would be Mom posing with some of the decorations at the end of a very filled day of great food, family, neighbors, and friends to help her celebrate.

A quick family photo opportunity. Mind the sweat - in fact it's a good thing these photos don't come with a smell factor. It was really hot and humid on Saturday!

And I just can't resist including a shot of me and the little man! Oh I could just eat him up!

Other news from the big weekend includes a sneaky stay at the folk's home where I took a bit of a spill down the stairs. If you are really interested in hearing me gripe about the whole shananigans, visit S.A.M.

But the best news I have at the moment would be what the devil of a post man brought to me the other day. Normally we've had lots of issues with our local PO - which I won't go into because generally I love the PO, just not our PM. Anyway, if you've been religiously reading this blog (for what reason, I really don't know) you know that Stacey and I arranged for our own color swap this past month. It's been great getting to know her and putting together a perfect package for her. She's so easy to spoil! Get on over to her site and check her out! Anywho... my package from her arrived the other day. Now mind you we agreed to swap favorite colors and I confessed that I really don't have a favorite color and that she would just have to read all about my twisted world and figure out something. Well, she hit it right on! I am such a fall baby. I love the Autumn colorways - the idea of being out in the refreshing crispness of the Autumn air while wrapping up in Autumn goodness..... YUM! When I opened the package, this is what I found:
And inside those lovely wrappings were these: I am so in love with the rustic orange felting yarn!!! EWW-WEEE!!! I'm putting the felted slippers first on my list of items to knit once this weather finally starts to cool off. They are going to look Autumn delicious with that green as an accent! And the book is one that I've been wanting to read for a while now. Once things calm down a little at work and I have actual down time to knit and read again without feeling totally spent, I'm digging right in! Stacey also must have picked up that my current scissors in my knit accessory bag are for crap. Now I have a great pair that actually cut on the first scissoring! And there's a note pad for me to jot down all the knitting ideas I have going. I think I'll keep it in my purse for those thoughts on the run! I don't think you can tell from the photo, but the little baggie has two of the most adorable stitch markers in there. Of course they match the blue from the book and the orange from the yarn. Stacey, you are wonderful! When people complement me on my new slippers I will have to brag about you some more then too!

Opps, emails are now flooding in... gotta go....


Channon said...

That Stacey is a great spoiler, isn't she? Felted slippers are something I want to do too, so if you love the pattern, that will be the one I use.

Glad you had some wonderful family time!

Virtuous said...

Glad you enjoyed your package! And I knew right away I wanted to get you those scissors..I love them! Can't wait to see your slippers! The two balls are for your soles and the 1 ball is for the top of your slippers. Have fun making them!

Ooh! Did you ever find out who was your secret gifter of all those great knitting books??