Friday, August 24, 2007

Scale Victory

Got in a little late last night and didn't have time nor energy to post. But, I thought I would share that yesterday I gave in to eating 1/2 of a chicken quesadilla and two diet cokes while at S.A.M. Which usually I wouldn't do being that my WW weight in is also on Thursday evenings and the actual weight of what I consume (1 pint water = 1 pound) after work on Thursday gets calculated into my weight loss/gain for the week. It doesn't have time to be properly digested and transferred into actual body weight. So I was anticipating a slight gain if anything. To my surprise I weighed in at -.8 from last week! What a happy surprise! However, I lost the bet our little group had going. Christine lost 6 lbs before the rest of us. I'm so happy for her! We had to go out to celebrate and buy her a glass of wine. We had such a great time cheering each other on and deciding on how we would celebrate each of our next milestones. Sarah took a photo of us the week before and if she emails it to me I'll edit this post and include it.


Virtuous said...

That is so good that you have a group that encourages each other!

Lets just round it up and say you lost one pound! :op


Lynn said...

That's awesome.

But what's even more awesome is the package you put together for Stacey.

If you EVER need a SWAPee..give me a call girl. ;)

moo said...

Hi Wendy~Good work! I am here via Stacey's blog. I am a friend of hers. We communicate through our blogs and email nearly each day, although we have never met in person. I would like to thank you for sending her such nice, well planned gifts. The pictures seem obvious that you took a great deal of time to make a friend feel special. The victory just floods in!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I am proud of your victory, but I also see you have been a very giving swapper. My, you have been a good girl!

xxooxx, your tea swapper