Thursday, September 6, 2007

Take a look at that ticker!!!

Did ya notice? Did ya notice? Go ahead, take another look at it. Do you see what happened there tonight? I went down 3.6 lbs this week!!! Can you believe it?! I am so beside myself right now. I had them triple check it because I didn't believe them.

Actually I'm really surprised because it's been quite a stressful week at work and I feel like I've eaten like crap all week. In fact yesterday's dinner consisted of an entire box (16 cookies) of Sugar Free Oreos and a large glass of Skim Milk, oh and a bowl of steamed veggies. I still haven't completely kicked the shadow of the headache that had me begging for mercy over the weekend. My body doesn't feel like it lost 3.6 pounds. In fact I dragged myself to the meeting tonight intending to assess the damage I've done because I feel like such crap.

Some things I did do right this week was my water to Diet Coke ratio. So I'm celebrating tonight with a Diet Barq's with dinner. And even though I haven't done my walking after work (the knee is no longer swollen, but still slightly sore and stiff but definitely working itself out), I've been walking like crazy all over the schools during the day. They sure have kept me busy this week!

So I have officially broke the 150 barrier I've been stuck at since Thanksgiving. It feels so good to be in the 140's even if it's just barely there. Only 4.8 to go! Maybe by Christmas?

There's still room in my Pay It Forward if anyone is interested. It's just a few posts down if you want to check it out.


Virtuous said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Keep it going!!

LOL @ last night's dinner at least they were sugar-free! :o)

Hoping you are feeling back to normal soon!

Channon said...

Congrats!! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't figured out how to pay it forward and keep my id...but I would like to help! Also, I need to see your tea pot or mug. It will help me with my packaging of your tea swap goodies!

Lisa W. said...

Congratulations! the 150 mark has been my biggest challenge too! glad your knee is'll be kickin' booty in no time flat!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

WTG on the wt. loss!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my, I begin my life style change tomorrow, I need to lose many, many lbs! I'm disabled and can't exercise very much so my metabolism is excessively slow and I have an excessive addiction to not eating as I should, LOL!! Not the greatest combo!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! for honoring me by knitting your GORGEOUS "A Touch of Whimsy Scarf" it is absolutely stunning! 1st blue I've seen, i think, that colorway, anyway! I will most assuredly post the photos tonight or tomorrow, you can BET on that! i see that you are a TOFUtsies afficionado, too! I love, love all SWTC yarns that I have seen, touched, knit with, etc, my very fave yarn company!
I would LOVE to Pay it Forward with ya'll! What a FANTASTIC IDEA! Okay, are we to remain anonymous as we pay it forward as they did in the movie? How can we if we state that we are going to Pay it Forward to the 1st 3 posters of a post? Okay, please email me and 'splain it in detail, pretend I'm a 3 year old, LOL! I love, love, love that movie! I 1st saw it when I was chaperoning a youth group sleepover at church a few years ago and my daughter knew how much I loved it that she gave me the dvd last year! it's funny, I was just thinking about it earlier today, thought it time to watch it again!
Thanks again, I'm so honored that you chose to knit one of my designs...and so BEAUTIFULLY! Ya'll can see it in the Knitters Galleries on my blog by tomorrow! AND, you MUST go look because it is GORGEOUS!!!!!