Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it NOT Monday yet?

Can there really be more to this day than there already has been?!?!? I'm ready for bed and it's only 7:40. There's just a few things I felt I needed to address before I retire for the evening. And maybe I'll check in on a few other blogs before nodding off.

#1 - Pay It Forward
I think I have my 3 people set up for the fun. If I'm correct, Becka, Stacey, and my anonymous swapper from the Knit1Tea2 Swap are in. (Stacey, if I'm wrong on this one, please let me know. It's ok if it's not a good time for this right now.) I hope they have posted their Pay It Forward promises or will be doing so shortly. "How I can pay it forward to the anonymous swapper when they are obviously anonymous," you ask? Well, I'm thinking I can make a little something special and then hopefully they'll email me at wneider at hotmail dot com with their address (with a tangy little swapper name to address it to) and I can send it anyway. Or maybe they are thinking of letting up on the little secret when they send the package. I'm not sure. This is my first secret swap. I'm still not clear on how that end part works. Either way, I think it'll work. Besides, no one else raised their hands to the challenge, oh, I mean fun.
#2 - Tea accessories
Speaking of the anonymous Knit1Tea2 swapper, he/she has asked to see how I enjoy my tea. On the left is my tea kettle that I use when I'm feeling like I'm in for multiple cups of tea or making a big jug of iced tea. But quite frankly I've been guilty of just heating up mugs of water in the microwave lately. I've also included my three favorite mugs - one for those dreamy get away tea sippings after a very long day (using it now!), one for enjoying while knitting in the afternoon and/or evening, and one as my travel mug that goes with me everywhere in the schools.

On the right is the cast iron kettle and tea cups that I got Honey last year for Christmas from Teavana. He's usually the one who busts out with brewing in this fashion when we're both in the mood for a little piece of heaven. Hope this helps!

#3 - Swapper creations
For the Knit1Tea2 swap there are all sorts of goodies that are going into the packaging that will be mailed out very shorty. And since my swap partner has no idea who I am, I can show you a little part of what I'm including in her package:

Shhhhh... Don't tell her I showed you.
#4 - Honey's fun on wheels
There's a whole mess of a background story that goes along with Honey getting his VA motorcyclist licence.... but it gives me a headache to think about it. So you'll just have to oooh and aaww over the 2-wheeled death machine by itself without the whole background story.
Actually, I kind of like the look of it. But none the less, you won't find me out cruising the streets with him on this one. A man's gotta have a little fun to keep him happy right?
Ok... the tea is running out. Time for another cup, or a nice down pillow... hmmmm... Tough decision.


Virtuous said...

Yes! I am in PIF! I will post about it later on this week.

I love your cute tea discloths to gift to your pal!

And typically in secret swaps your last package is yor reveal package :o)

So glad you are enjoying it!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

I just posted my PIF post! I'm so excited to be a part of this!
Oh, and your scarves are also posted in this and the other Knitters Gallery...thanks for sharing that beauty!!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Wendy, I can't believe it! I already have 2 PIFer's!!! And I posted very late last night! how exciting! I must think of some questions to ask them so I can get some ideas of the things that they might enjoy!
Thank you for bringing me on board!