Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Animal House

So it's not enough that my house currently looks like a pack of elephants ran through it, but I just had to cast on for a second pair of monkeys in none other than a vibrant yarn in Jitterbug's colorway Parrot. I adore this yarn and had so much fun a few months ago making up a pair of these for my Red Color Swap partner that I just had to take a second go at it and make a pair for myself! The color isn't quite as vibrant in the photo, but what can I say when it's getting dark so much earlier now and I can't get home in time for those great sun lit photo shots. But I think you get the idea.

Speaking of Color Swaps, of course I had to sign up again for this month - the color is ORANGE! And in my case, probably my favorite color is pumpkin (or orangutan) and am tickled pink, I mean orange, that I can surround myself with the colors of my dreams right now, hence my monkeys playing with the pumpkin and leaves (even if they are fake due to the lack of rain this year). Look for the upcoming Color Swap questionnaire coming soon.

Other news at the moment, last night I took some time to tackle a portion of the current mess I call my jungle, oh I mean home. Ya see, Honey is planning on a biking/camping trip down the C&O Canal trail this weekend and it would appear that he needed to get out all of the biking/camping gear we own and spread it around the house so that he could determine what he should pack for the four day trip. And then he went out and picked out some new gear and the packaging from all that is now mixed in with that mess. Enough complaining. I decided to do what I could about the sorts of the house and I took on reorganizing my knitting nook. (For those of you that don't know, I am a bit of an organizational freak and I tend to drive Honey crazy with trying to keep the house clean and organized.) Since I now consider myself to have an actual stash - not just left overs from previous projects, but real yarn waiting to decide what it's going to be - I figured I needed a better way to store it than in the basket. (see previous stash post here.) And now a corner of my dinning room (that never gets used as a dinning room) looks like this:

Ok, so the box of dishes and the MRI scans don't really belong, but it's getting there. If only you could see the items in the bag as well as that bottom drawer way off to the right where items lay in wait to be sent to swap partners and PIF lucky recipients! All in dew time, my dear. All in due time. And what is that I see? Are there two new knitting resource books there on the table? Why, yes! Yes, there are:

I plan on trying the whole knitting two socks at a time on circular needles with an up coming sock I have planned. We'll see how that goes. But for now, I must bid you all ado. The 2nd Episode of House will be coming on soon and I want to be all ready for it. I have my project all ready and waiting for me but dinner will have to come first.


Virtuous said...

Gurl you really did turn me onto some Jitterbug! LOL

Love your Monkey sock photo so "fallish"

I should have known better you would sign up for the orange swap!! :oD Have fun with it!

I am all swapped out until the new year! I just finished up my last one and will post about it soon!

And yes your craft zone is impeccable!

Channon said...

Love the colorway, and will make monkeys of my own one day...

jasmine said...

a warning on that jitterbug...the yardage is on the short side so you may want to reduce the numbers of repeats in the legs so that you don't run out. (unless you have an extra skein)

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are nice!