Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fall Festival Fun!

My friend Jazzy-wazzy and I spent the weekend on the fall festival circuit. Last night we headed over to Mount Vernon for their Fall Wine Festival. The view was beautiful, the music relaxing and enjoyable, the baguettes and cheese spread divine, and enough wine for the tasting all around. The only down fall was the humidity. By the time the sun went fully down everything was damp and kind of icky to touch. Over all a pleasant way to spend a summer, oh I mean fall, evening with friends (and family).

Today, we were headed south to Orange, VA (and not to build, can you believe it!!!) No, we had some serious plans for the Fall Fiber Festival. Yes, it was excruciatingly hot. Yes, VA is in a drought and we were covered in dust from head to toe within an hour of being there. Yes, I wore a tank top and the back of my neck got sunburned (in October, can you believe it?) Yes, the animals were exciting to see. And YES, we bought yummy yarns! Take a peek at our day:

I got a chance to see sheep being sheered as well as the wool being spun. How cool to see the behind the scenes of yarn!
Oh, and I bet you are wondering about the luscious goodies we came home with. You know you can't leave a festival like this without a little souvenir or two. Take a gander:
What you see here is some luscious Cascade220 in color no. 9465 which I am calling 'PUMPKIN" - go figure! I'm thinking this will be great for the Mr. Greenjeans I'm planning on knitting up. Unfortunately I don't remember what vendor I purchased it from. Jas, if you remember, let me know and I'll revise this post to include the vendor. For a closer, yummier, more pumpkinyer taste, feast your eyes on this: (no drooling please)
I also found this lot of beauty. It's Worsted Weight Larkspur from Carodan Farms. Jas is making a very boring sweater with this yarn in a green colorway for her mom and was working on the seaming on the drive down. I couldn't resist the heathering shade in purple (look what you've done to me Stacey!) and at $6.95 per skein I couldn't go wrong! I'm thinking about trying it with Cherie Amour but I have my doubts. I'm thinking it may not want to be that sweater but another one that I just haven't stumbled upon yet. Prepare to drool purple lovers everywhere....

All in all, it was a happy day for the two knit-wit gals. Can't wait for the next fun-filled festival full of fiberlious fever!

I promise to post on the progress of all on-going projects later on this week.

10 days till my birthday!!!


Liz said...

Oh, I love love love cascade 220 and it looks gorgeous in pumpkin! Great price, too.

Looks like you had a great weekend. Spare a thought for us who are the other end of your drought scale, wet and cold! My heating is on for the winter already!

Looking forward to seeing your pics of wips too!

Virtuous said...

OMG! So THAT is what you have been up lately!

I wish I was there!!!

LOVE the fibers you picked! Great colors!! Especially the "pumpkin"

Maybe that pretty heather purple can be the Juliet that the SKC is now doing. I want to make mine in eggplant purple :op

Channon said...

Sorry I missed it, and you. Maybe next time... Your yarns are yummy, and I'm jealous that you've decided what Mr. Greenjeans will be done in. Pout.