Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sock it to ya!

I was really motivated last night to blog about the Monkey Socks I finished the other night, but just didn't get around to doing it.... too many other things to do. And now that I have a moment or two, I have no motivation. Blame it on the rain falling, how cold it is in here, or my lack of a good chocolate chip cookie right now. But I'm just not feelin' it at the moment. I'm afraid if I wait any longer, they just won't get posted and you won't have the opportunity to feast your eyes on my beautiful little tootsies.

So here goes: (Just for Stacey, I'm going to attempt a full breakdown on the 411.)
Pattern: Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A.

Needle: DPNs size 2 Susan Bates (apparently I'm a tight knitter)

Size: I wear size 9 shoe. If I remember correctly my foot measurements are: 9 in circumference, 10 in long.

Cost: $21 at LYS

Time: I don't know really. A couple of weeks working on them on and off.

Modifications: I only did 5 repeats for the leg rather than 6 and I really liked the heel that I did on my Tidal Wave Tofutsies so I used that heel and toe pattern integrated into the Monkey pattern for the foot. (Not a whole lot of difference really though.)

What I learned: When it came to grafting the toe I was away from my cheat sheet for Kitchener which I got off of so I used the one from the Stitch -n- Bitch book, which I found out is a little different.

Verdict: Love them!!! They are so toasty and warm and vibrant! Just like me!


Channon said...

Love 'em! I think the skein of Jitterbug I have on hand will one day become Monkeys.

And obviously, UVA classes are working on you. Love the orange and blue photo shoot! ;)

Virtuous said...

HA!! You know I love details!! :op

They look FAB Wendy!! And what a perfect fall photo with your new lovelies!

Hope you get out of your funk soon! *begins looking for a chocolate chip cookie for you*! :oD

jasmine said...

well, I have bad chocolate chip cookies at my house and seem to be eating them anyway (I didn't buy them, you send Tom out for beer and EVERY time he comes back with cookies which I eat in the morning while getting ready for work (after feeding him some sweet which doesn't tempt me much for desert). Love your monkeys!!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

They are gorgemous (that means very, very gorgeous!). But, even much more beautiful than your socks is your HEART! Yes, boys and girls, you read correctly, it's her HEART! Why?! You might ask...well, allow me to tell you! I am one of the fortunate people that is one of Wendy's PIF angels...yep, I'm in her pod, one of the 3 that she is gifting! AND...I received it today!! CAN YOU BELIEVE?! I'm overwhelmed! It's the most beautiful short scarf to be worn very closely around the neck much like an ascot (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong, Wendy) in a luscious shade of pink, knit out of the softest yarn ever with an absolutely stunningly darling flower on one end. I can go on and on describing it, photos will be on my blog tonight and you can see it! And talk about perfect knitting...the woman has perfect sts! And, on top of all of this splendor, she wrote the most heart warming card that brought tears to my eyes when I read it (I read cards before opening gifts, needless to say I was crying by the time it was all over!). And, my most precious gift of all is the gift of Wendy's friendship! Saying "thank you" seems inadequate for such a beauty, but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, my friend, I will treasure it always!
Giant HUG

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

I forgot to mention to everyone....remember, in this exchange and in life...PAY IT FORWARD!