Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Sorry for the delay in posting about the big day... but really it wasn't all as big as it was cracked up to be.

If you've been subjecting yourself to reading this blog, you will know that lately I've become victim to migraines. I'm still getting used to them and trying to identify them before they actually come on. The neat thing about the whole total pain in the ass (oops head) headache is that they give you this weird kind of warning thing. I can't really explain it yet, and I'm not 100% at identifying it yet, but let's just say there's been about a 24 hour period of just feeling funky and strange without being about to put my finger on what it is just before the migraine comes on.

Wanna take a guess on how I woke up on my 31st birthday??? You guessed it.... in a funk. The whole day was sort of a blurry mess of just not feeling right but not really having any excuse as to why. Work was slow and boring. I spent most of the day wishing I could be at home or the local coffee shop knitting. The good news is that I got to come home right after my technical day is over (no after school meetings, yahoo!!!) and I took my Angel Neighbor shopping to help me pick out fabric for the fall casual bag. (I won't go into the experience of waiting for an hour for the guy behind the measurement table.) Now I need to block it so that she can work her magic on the lining.

When I finally got home, Honey was there waiting for me. And so were two packages. This is what I did with the first one:

That would be my fabulous Pumpkin Cascade 220 getting ready to take shape as Mr. Greenjeans wound on my brand new yarn winder. How beautiful is that cake I tell you! I'm ready to cake up everything I have. I'm trying to restrain myself. Honey sure how to win over a yarn lovers heart!

The other package was from dear old mom:

That would be 21 soft skeins of Encore yarn in three colors waiting to be turned into a blanket. I guess this will be one of my winter projects! Now to decide on a pattern. Mom sent one but I'm not completely sold on it just yet. I'm game for any ideas if anyone has any.

If this wasn't enough to finally make my day a happy one, Honey took me out for a wonderful dinner at Clyde's. I had a delicious butternut squash filled periogie dish with an onion chive cream sauce with bits of dried cranberries and toasted walnuts. What a perfect autumnal dish for an autumn baby! Every calorie was worth it 100 times over!!!

Sadly though, we were home by 8:00 and I went to bed shortly after that with a headache starting. And for the past two days there's been the looming headache casting a shadow over everything.

Tonight I've sent Honey out to play poker with the boys while I relax and recoup at home. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out bright (well, actually the sun probably won't be up yet) and early for the Alexandria Cancer Walk. Wonder what impact I'll have during this next year of my life....


Channon said...

Crap, crap, CRAP! I told you I'd forget. I'm sorry it wasn't a happier one, but Clyde's will cure a lot of things, so I hope when you awake, the headache is gone and you have a great birthday weekend!

Oh - and the Orangesicle tea rocks!!

Virtuous said...

Oh my freakin goodness!!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!

So hope you can get a better handle on your migranes very soon. But it is good to hear work has slowed down a little. And great birthday gifts!! YAH!

Happy Birthday and many many many more!! You are definitely a miracle!!

Sonya said...

Happy belated Birthday!!

Love the encore colors

Lacey said...

Happy really late Birthday! Too bad I can't make a fall cake and stick in your package! :P

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Oh!!! Beautiful combination! (I'm a green lover :-D )

Emily said...

Oh.........migraine I have had it Ohh
hope you are feeling better soon!!!