Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend WIPs

Yes, I know it's already Monday... but I promised a report on the WIPs and I'm just getting around to it... sue me! First of all I must share with you all the package I received on Saturday from my old college roommate. When I drove up to PA for her little one's baptism, I took her some fresh herbs from my deck garden. This explains the herb themed gifts:

You can't see in the photo very well, but the apron has "cloves", "nutmeg", and "ginger" embrodered on the pockets. For some strange reason, I was at Target the other day and I say they had some adorable retro aprons and I was tempted to get myself one, but then stopped and thought, "Why? Would I really wear it?" Answer, "No, but I really want one." I talked myself down... and I'm glad that I did! I don't know what I would do with two! However, I'm now planning on doing some bakeing for this weekend and I'll be trying out the apron. Included in the package was also a herb garden cook book, an herb keeper from Pampered Chef, and some little glass bowl like things that have a grated wire top thing to them. I have no idea what they are for... anyone??? The best part of the whole package was the wrapping paper. Jen made it herself. It's photos of her sticking her tongue out mixed in with balloons. This is why I love her!

Now I must tell you all about how wonderful the people at KnitPicks are. I have the Options sets and absolutely love them! I've been trying to make my way through all the sizes to try them all out. However, I was sadly disappointed when I got to my 6s. They kept slipping right off the circular thingy right in the middle of my knit and several (read many) stitches kept falling off which became a problem with picking them back up again and again and again. Anyway, after speaking with Chan, I decided to contact the lovely ladies over at KnitPicks and informed them of the issue. A package arrived from them as well, telling me to throw out the "damaged goods" and sent me a brand new pair of 6s!!! Now, what to knit with them?!?!?!

Sock report (and other WIPs):

Love the Monkeys!!! One down second one started ( but not photographed). Sarah and I went on a mini yarn crawl on Saturday and got many compliments on the colorway. All in the photo are the Tofutsies that I started and I think I'm gonna have to frog cuz I think I skipped a row or two already. Damn patterns that call for every other row as a knit and only listing the odd pattern specks! Although I'm not totally thrilled with the way the colors are working their way around the sock anyway. I think I'll put them aside and deal with them after the Monkeys and a few other projects are finished.
The Casual Bag is ready to call upon Super Neighbor for a lining job. I'm hoping that Kay and I will get together this week to shop for some coordinating fabric and she'll be able to wave her magical hands at it and whip up a fabulous liner so I can start showing it off wherever I go. I'm in love with the colors!
The Farmer's Market Bag is coming along slowly. I ran into some issues with picking up stitches, well, actually I read the pattern wrong - again. I think it's finally on it way - at least let's hope. But I'm really only working on it during House. Maybe I'm just so distracted from the show that it's effecting my knitting.

And lastly I took a few hours out of Sunday to knit up this quick red scarf from the Big Wool yarn Maddie gave me in the Red Color Swap and a drop stitch pattern from Dobrah's book she sent me. I also picked up an adorable pair of chopsticks to pin it together for a very stylish look. Call me a dork, but I love it.

There are a few other projects I've finished, but I can't show them to you just yet. They are for the PIF project and I'm hoping to finish all three and then post about them just before sending them out. Two are complete, I think. And I'm working on the 3rd.

Hope you've had a happy Monday... and just incase you didn't already know.....

My birthday's in two days!!!


Channon said...

Now, tomorrow's your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I wish I had a sewing neighbor. Pout.

Everything looks so very good. You're getting a lot more FOs than I am. More pouting.

And how 'bout House as an early birthday present for you?!

Virtuous said...

Oh my gosh your needles have been smokin!!

So much to comment on!! Haha!

Just keep on knitting (with your new tips) birthday girl!! :o)

Happy Birthday!!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,

Hey... I love the bag.. it's beautiful.. the colors are great!

Sonya said...

What a great package from your friend!!

Thanks for reminding me that I need to think about my PIF gifs.

Monica said...

Hope you had a great birthday! I found your blog through... Chan I think.... haha. Anywho -- love the photos of all your works! Can't wait to see more.