Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tea Party for Two

Yesterday was a very busy day at work. You know, the kind where it's one meeting after another, and as you're walking from one to the other 5 people stop you and ask you for a moment of your time and a laundry list of things for you to do after the meetings, and to make it all worse you have to travel from one building to another at mid day to start the whole process over again. It's the type of day that you barely have time to choke down a bite to eat for lunch, your starving, but on your way home you realize you're just too tired to cook anything but really don't want to give in to some crappy fast food so you end up just dreaming about a nap.

So you can see how nice it was to come home to this little surprise waiting for me on my doorstep:
It's my Knit1Tea2 Swap package! My swap partner lives way up in the mountains in MT and it's taken a little while to get here, but boy was it a package worth waiting for! And on a day that it couldn't have been more appreciated.

Feast your eyes on the goodness sent my way by a true tea friend:

The package was just perfect!

I immediately made myself a cup of the Cranberry Blood Orange from The Republic of Tea and tasted a few Ovation sticks. What a wonderful treat after a day like that!

To add to the yummies, take a peak at the yarn goodness from Lorna's Laces that my mystery K1T2 spoiler chose for me along with some goats milk soap in Melon Tea that smells like heaven:

And hidden in among all the goodies were these little darlings with a hand made dish cloth - my first hand made knitted gift!!! How lucky of a gal am I? I love the look of how the stitches appear to change direction and would love to try this pattern myself.

And what swap package would be complete without some exciting pattens to thumb through, plan for, and build up the stash for??? The book makes those boring scarves come to life and will certainly have me rethinking going back to scarves for some Christmas gift giving.

In fact, Sarah and I are planning on a mini yarn crawl and knitting feast this afternoon and I'll be keeping my eyes out for some yarn goodies to stash up for these.

As you can see, I have a nice relaxing tea time a head of me.
I know I promised WIP pics but I need to go get ready for our yarn crawl so the pics will have to wait.
Thank you K1T2 Spoiler!!!


dobarah said...

YES! I'm so happy it has arrived AND that there is something in there which will make you smile. (The germy stuff was to help you keep well now that school is back in session.) I"m only sorry it got to you later than I had wished...alas, the school I work in had some 'technical' difficulties, so mid-term grades had to be done twice. It sure did mess up my away from school schedule!

Channon said...

Lovely package! I keep finding teas I need to try... Blood orange cranberry? Yum...

I love Lorna's Laces too. Very great "to wear" sock yarn.

dobarah said...

Help! I can't seem to email you Wendy...that is some tough spam filter at your school! I"ll try it again from my school addy, but I can't do that until Monday. Have a great weekend!

Virtuous said...

What a great spread!!! I guess your swap partner is still a secret??
So glad you enjoyed your package!

Channon said...

Hey! Your work email account is suddenly blocking me. It blocked my group email re: tea swap yesterday, and now, it evidently won't let me email you at all. Pout...