Saturday, January 26, 2008

Busy week

This week has been tremendously busy. I've been in more classrooms and had more meetings this week than I really thought possible. And amazingly enough, most of them worked out just fine. Usually when it looks to be a busy week things get all mucked up and the schedule doesn't work out how I planned which makes the following week awkward trying to catch up and deal with that week's happenings as well. But this week, well this week went smoothly. Busy but smooth. Which is more than I can hope for.

Honey went alone to build today but he'll be back tonight for a poker game with the boys. It' good to see him have a little boy time fun every now and then. I might drag him out to the Sugerloaf Festival tomorrow so boys night tonight should put him in a better mood for craft day tomorrow. Right now I'm enjoying laying around on the couch, watching movies, and doing some light knitting. The busy week left for little knitting time so I feel like I have some catching up to do. But just sitting slouching here doing nothing as a certain appeal to it as well.

For those of you who left comments on my day of beauty, I present to you Chocolate Caramel.... I think I kind of like this coloring better than the Chocolate Peanutbutter, which was a little redder than this. Frankly, either coloring isn't all that different than my own brunette hue, but it does add a little shine and body. Who doesn't love that. As for the cut, it's really the same as usual, but she did cut off about 4 inches from the bottom. At least it's not knotting up so much in the back from the static formed from coats and scarves and such.

I mentioned that very little knitting progress was made this week, but I do have a few progresses to report. First up is my SITMT swap sock. I'm now officially 1 down, 1 to go. It's actually going quite quickly... when I have the time to work on it that is. Since my swap pal is a secret, I can give you a little peaky-peaky.

It's coming out beautifully I think. I'm starting to think that I have this sock thing down, baby!!! Wo-hoo!!! The bigger thrill is going to be if they actually fit! Ha! I'm also hoping to make her some sock blockers to go along with them. The finally package doesn't go out until the end of February or beginning of March... really should check on that to be sure. But I'm thinking of putting together a little something to send in the meantime. Sorry, but I can't give any more information than that in case she's lurking around.

In other knitting news, I have an FO to report. This woman that I worked with last year really took me under her wing to show me some of the ins and outs of this position. Come to realize we are both gag-gag over tea. So every time we were able to get together we were exchanging samples of different teas we came across. Just after the holidays, we were able to get together for a little Thai (also a shared favorite) and she presented me with this -

an adorable little travel pouch to hold my teas in my work bag. Before, I carried a stash of teas with me in a plastic baggie. After a few weeks the baggie would start to look like someone got hungry and started to chew on it. This little tea stash pouch is perfect for the tea lover on the go! Thanks Pam!
As for my FO, to thank Pam, I made her these adorable little mug cozies in a very delicious variegated blue from Lamb's Pride. I got the pattern in Interweaves Holiday issue 07.

EWW... mailman's here... gotta go........


Virtuous said...

Isn't it funny how your hair actually looks longer after your trim it! Looking good Wendy! :o)

Love the little tea pouch SO cute!

I still have yet to knit something out of that holiday issue! ;op

Liked your cute stitch markers. Hope you catch up some on your knitting this beautiful Sunday!


Blanche Knits in DC said...

Love the hair! Love the socks! Love the tea cozy! Love it all! :)

I forgot I won't see you on Thursday, but I do have a present for you! And we need to do a knit day so I can get you some yummy new yarn :)

chanknits said...

You look LOVELY!!! The tea pouch is precious. You've been busy.

KSee said...

love the hair color. Socks are lookin' good. Did you get to Sugerloaf? I have to stay away. I have way too much stuff