Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I sound like a squealing pig! Today was a very good day for me. I can't help but say "it's about damn time!" I had a meeting most of the day at central office that went exceptionally well. I had two meetings with teachers that went very well and didn't take forever. I met Jaz for some knitting time and to catch up on each others lives from the past few weeks. Ruth joined us and the two of us ended up staying way later than we have been lately. I felt so laid back and relaxed. I came home and found a lovely package waiting for me from my SITMT pal. And I have just enough time to post about my wonderful new additions before a new episode of House comes on. The stars must be in alignment just for me today. Or at least things are back to pleasant today which is a big change from the norm lately.

Ok, enough babbling. House will be coming on soon. Let's get to the good stuff!!!

First off I must comment on my first thoughts. I wasn't expecting a package today so immediately I looked to see who the package was for and where it was sent from. The return address said Fredericksburg, VA. I thought "Cool! My SITMT pal is from VA too! How neat!" (Something similar happened before with the color swap when I was paired with Maddie who lives on the same street as me!) Then I opened to find all sorts of goodies inside. I took the time to read and study the card first. In the note, my SITMT pal mentioned that she was mailing it from somewhere else so as to not give herself away just yet. Which made me go back and look at the postage stamp which said "Alexandria, VA" - mailed yesterday. hhhhmmmmmmm????? Fredericksburg, Alexandria????? Might my secret pal be just around the corner and I not even know it?! I mentioned it all to Honey and he's trying to encourage me to go checking through everyone's blog and see if I can figure out who it might be. But I'm enjoying the excitement this is all causing!

So what lovelies were included in my package you might ask? Well, take a peek!
Those of you who have been hanging around here some time will remember the Passionate Purple Socks I made inspired by Stacey and her passion for purple. They were knit up with Tofutsies and I fell in love. I now will have to make plans for a second pair! This time in lovely rosy-purples, oranges, and blacks.

And what am I already indulging in???
The photo appears to be a bit blurry here for some strange reason. But this is the cutest personal teapot set I've ever seen. And it's soooo me! Do you see the little blurry tea cup up front there? It's the most adorable handle to a tea infuser. And the tea is yummy! A perfect ending for today! There were also knitting mints and some yummy shortbread which I'm thinking of breaking into next!
Thanks SITMT pal! You rock! And you've made my day even more sweeter.
Now I must hurry.... House is starting!!!!


Virtuous said...

OOOOh how fun!!!

Great package! :oD

Anonymous said...

What a great day, and it wrapped up with a great episode of House. The Knight is still fuming and wants to know why we couldn't have seen that episode last month, instead of the long House drought...

Blanche Knits in DC said...

More sock yarn! That's fantastic. Cant' wait to see the beautiful socks you make with it!