Monday, January 28, 2008

This close

Imagine me holding my fingers about 1/4 of an inch apart and that's how close I am to finishing my den throw. It's turning out to be quite warm. I become slightly overheated as I'm working on it. My living room is cold all winter due to the fact that we have cement floors under the hard wood flooring and the insulation around the doors and windows suck (rentals). I'm always complaining how cold I am and am snuggling up to Honey on the couch to steal his warmth. He has since been replaced. (Sorry Honey.) I could curl up nekid under this throw and still stay warm! I have two more stripes to complete and then bind off and tuck in a few remaining ends, and WA-LA! It'll be fin-E-toe! I'll model its uses once it's all washed and dried and properly ready for snuggling.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it, but I have to ask... You won't be nekked when you model it, will you? ;)

Virtuous said...

Waiting in anticipation!! :o)

Blanche Knits in DC said...

YESSSSS!!!!! I'm so proud that you are going to finish this project! I knew you would :)

FYI... I finished my first sock EVER last night. IT's AWESOME!!!! I know you will be so proud of me! I will blog about it soon :)