Saturday, January 19, 2008

La's Mission Possible 2008

While cruising through some new blogs I came across La's Mission Possible 2008.
Here are the details:
The saying goes that yarn and fiber does not have an expiration date. This is about change. Fiber that has been sitting in your stash…
-Find it!
-Remember when you bought it!
-Remember what did you want to do with!

Look for:
12 things – could be 12 balls of sock yarn for 12 pairs of socks
12 balls of yarn that you refuse to throw out or that are left over from another project
12 balls of roving
12 WIPs
12 UFOs…

The clock is ticking. Everything – meaning the 12 things you picked - needs to be gone by December 31, 2008. It is up to you to achieve your goal and finish 12 possible missions.
You can…
…Fullfill its original destiny!
…Do something completely different!
…Donate it!
…Throw it out!
…Set it on fire! But then we want to see the video on YouTube!

The goal is to get these 12 items out of your stash by the end of 2008!

And here are a few rules:
1. You commit to the 12 tasks and put your list either on the Ravelry group or on your blog.
2. You finish all of your tasks by December 31, 2008.
3. If you don’t accomplish your goal, you will have to donate the selected items.

Here are my Mission Possible Projects:
1. Finish the Chevron Afghan.

Mom purchased this yarn for me for my birthday and I hesitated to take on such a large repetitive project. I'm dearly afraid that I'll put it aside and not ever finish it.

2. Finish Isabella

I started her back in April of '07 in hopes that she'd be ready to wear for Mom's 50th in August. Needless to say, I stalled at the finishing. What a shame. She was coming along so nicely. Maybe she'll be ready for this summer's fun.

3. Finish Lizard Ridge

It's so sad that I don't even know when I started this one. Nor do I know exactly how many squares I have finished. I do know that there are more than enough to construct a beautiful warm blanket and maybe a throw pillow or something. Stacey, you may need to pay me a visit to get this one going!

4. Finish Mr. Greenjeans a.k.a. Pumpkin Patch.The goal was to wear this for Turkey Day.. didn't happen. Anyone see a trend happening here?

5. Make two socks that match and fit!
Jasmine bought me this yarn years ago and I attempted my first pair of socks. I was so excited and eager to knit something so cool. Out of the two skeins she gave me, I got 3 socks, none of which matched nor fit. I was bummed and turned off to socks for quite a while. This year I've rediscovered sock knitting and loving it! I've already frogged all three socks and have begun to give them new life. Jasmine, you can bet that I'll be looking to you for guidance... again!

6. Booga booga knit bag.
After the Booga bag I did for Tanya for Christmas, I'd love to do a larger size for myself, maybe as a knitting bag.

7. Stacey's clog pattern. Stacey so kindly sent this pattern along with lots of other fall goodies because she knew I was looking for the perfect clog slipper pattern to begin my winter knits. Things got away from me and I haven't cast on yet.

8. Steeler Socks.
The team could use a better luck charm for next season. Let's see if I'll get these done by next opening season.

9. and 10. 2 pairs of socks from stash.

Up until this summer I didn't really have a stash. Just left over yarn from projects. But I've caught the bug and the sock yarn is beginning to run a-muck around here. Two of these beauties will next be seen hugging my tootsies with beautiful patterns.

11. Dying to experiment.I'm hoping to explore the world of dying this year.

12. Cherie Amore???

Beautiful colors.... calls for a fun spring knit don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff. You have some beautiful nearly finished projects, and some lovely projects in waiting. Good for you. I just don't know if my knitter's ADD and I could commit to finishing 12 things from our stash...

Virtuous said...

OOh what a fun mission!! :oD
You SO can do this!!
Can't wait to see your Lizard all seamed up. And I was just wondering about your clogs the othe day since we are doing that exact KAL in my knit group right now. Can't wait to see yours soon!

And I am loving Greenjeans!! It is fitting you nicely!

This is going to be fun seeing you check marking off all of these projects. YAH!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you do such beautiful work. I really like the pumpkin colorway. You can do it - yes you can!!

Michele said...

I love the color of your Isabella!

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