Saturday, January 19, 2008

January goal list update

I know I've been amiss about posting lately... but I assure you I am alive and well... or at least as well as one might expect. I've had two migraines since Christmas (including the one that started two days ago and might finally have gone away this afternoon). Work has been hectic getting back into the swing of things and this happens to be a crunch time for me as well. I feel like I'm falling behind on all sorts of things, including the housekeeping. I may have to take advantage of Honey building this weekend to get the house back into sorts.

So, checking in with my January goals:
1. develop an exercise plan for two to three days a week - and stick to it!
NOPE. Didn't do that. In fact haven't exercise one i-ota since the new year.

2. reinvest myself in the WW program - actually start following the Flex Plan to a T again.
Kind of. The first week was bad but then I had a good week and actually lost 1.6 lbs. But do to the weather and the looming of the onset of a migraine, I didn't attend the meeting on Thursday so I don't know how I did. But I did succumb to Entenmann's chocolate donuts today. What can I say? Chocolate helps the migraines better than any pill I have in my possession.

3. take my vitamins every day.
Yes. In fact to help get over the loom of various colds that appear to still be going around, there have been days I've taken two. I know you're not really supposed to do that. But if I'm feeling like maybe I'm headed under the weather I've taken two and by lunch time I'm feeling much better and I've been able to avoid the cold.

4. finish (or at least work on) all unfinished knit projects from 2007. Maybe I'll even add a little something to the side bar to help keep track of this one.
Not so much. I do have progress photos though... so that's good I guess. Oh, and a goal that I was actually planning on setting for February was accomplished today with the help of Sarah.
Hopefully this link will take you to my projects, but if not I'm Knitknucklehead. Come check it all out. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things here and there. There was a lot to do. Sarah came over to use my ball winder and swift and in exchanged she helped me to get a Flickr account and get my projects up in photos! In other knitting news I've started working on my SITMT socks. Aren't they beautiful???
Don't you wish they might show up in your mailbox some day??? I'm already beginning to fall in love with them and know it's going to be hard to give them up when the time comes.

I'm using a new yarn for me, Panda Cotton. My downstream pal is definitely a spring time gal and loves greens and blues. I just hope now that I can get the sizing just right... little nervous about that since her feet are different dimensions than mine. Some lovely yarn came in the mail the other day but I can't show it (it's for my SITMT pal). I'm thinking of sending her a second package soon to bide my time so I can finish her socks. I'm thinking the end of January is a good time to receive a package and lift some of those after the holidays winter blues.


dobarah said...

I've seen your projects on Ravelry...and they are fabulous! Stay healthy, keep knitting, and the rest will fall into place. Blessings!

Anne said...

Ooh that's looking great! I have some Panda waiting on me, too if I can ever get through baby knitting =)

Don't be too hard on yourself - new goals are tough to get started all at once, ESPECIALLY if you're struggling with migraines. Celebrate the victories, and keep trying on the others! :D

CynicalGal said...

Nice! I'll have to get to ravelry and check out your projects. I'll so that fun. Hope you feel better soon!

Virtuous said...

You know the one things about goals is that you can try again!

And YAH! You have pics up in Ravelry! Will have to come and check you out now! :o)