Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Friends, Good deeds, and Fun Knits

I'm such a lucky gal. My life might have fallen to pieces around me and I may be still in a state of confusion and looking for direction, but I have some of the most fabulicious women in my life that I just don't know what I would do without them. I must say that when I moved away from my friends and my work to move in with Honey, I kind of let a lot of friendships fall by the wayside. I haven't given the attention and haven't been the best of a friend for so many for a while now. I have felt guilty about it which has added to my poor self image I've been so carefully creating for myself. But these amazing women, all with issues of their own, have stepped up to the plate to allow me to lean on them and to begin to rebuild again. Their strength and love is amazing and I really don't know what I would do without them. It's going to be a long hard road to recovery, but my road crew is strong and appears to know what I need right now more than I do. Every night since Honey left I've been met with outings, phone calls, dinners out, knittings in, Cakelove cupcakes, group hugs, shoulders to cry on, ears to just listen, comforting advice... you name it they've come through.

Some of the best advice I've been given so far was to seek professional help as well as seek out ways that I can be helpful. So this weekend I've drowned myself in good deeds to do. First off, Ruth helped me to deliver a trunk full of scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, and other winter weather goodies that I had my ADK group collect, to a local shelter that was very thankful for the donation. I attempted to donate them at several other locations and was turned down. Bummer that most of them won't take donates of that type due to space restrictions. But this one was great. We even met a man who was very grateful to accept one of the sleeping bags we had on hand. What a great feeling that gave me to make someone else's day when I'm feeling like shit. But the good deeds didn't end there. Sarah has to move out of her DC townhouse so we spent the day loading up the cars and moving like a billion items to a storage unit and to the house she's going to temporarily live in. And to boot, she's going to help me look for a new place and is thinking of moving in with me. Good times with that gal. Through the move, one of the the women she's temporarily moving in with has so graciously given me a car full of office supply stuff and books to take into the schools that I'll work in next week. I know the teachers there will be delighted with the goodies I'll have to offer them. Giving back the love I so desperately need right now feels good, even if it's only a temporary fix in between crying sessions. In the long run, I think it's going to be these good times with these ladies (and others that I haven't mentioned here but are just as important right now) that's going to pull me through this mess.

The time I do have alone at home has been spent drowning my tears in knitting. No FOs just yet, but a few WIP that someone around here might find interesting. Or at least it's a good distraction from the depression I call life right now.
First up is another Booga Bag. The body is all knit up now and I only have the straps to do before felting. I used JoAnn's Sensations wool yarn line and really enjoyed how smooshy it felt as it knit up. I'll admit, a little odd for wool, but also very comforting right now in an odd sort of way. We'll see how it felts up before giving a final verdict.

On our day off on Monday I took my friend Heather (the wonderful woman mentioned above who donated all the stuff for me to take to the schools) to two LYS to make her first "real" yarn purchases. I happened to pick up some interesting looking Cameo, Wool in the Woods in Citrus on sale and began knitting up Wisp last night. I'm in love. (The colors here are dark and dreary... what more can I say about this weather right now. Hopefully better photos will come later.)

I'm calling it Spring Whispers because of it's light spring colors. The drape on it so far is lovely. What a fabulous feel good knit.


CynicalGal said...

I'm glad you have good friends and you are staying open to them! They sound wise and fun. :)

insanknitty said...

Wendy, I love the way the booga looks and am anxiously waiting on the felting results... I have a JoAnn's nearby and will go scoop up those exact colors for a booga of my own... they are sooo ME... so screaming a trip to the beach... I love how yours looks...

On other topics, I'm so sad for you. I had wondered what had happened but didn't want to press you for information.. I've just been saying little prayers for you. Continue those good deeds.. one day you'll feel better knowing you've worked your way through grief by helping others through theirs...

women truly are amazing creatures, and good friends are never far away when you're a knitter... you're so blessed to have so many near you who have been your shoulder and support lately... I"m thankful for your having them there to help!

Virtuous said...

What a blessing to have others support you in your time of need and you giving to others!!

I love that name you gave your new yarn!

Keep working thru your feelings! Everything will work out as it is happening right now!!

sherriknits said... don't even know me. I found you through someone else's blog on the day you posted that something had happened. I have been coming back to see if you were ok because I could so relate to your pain.
From a survivor of something similar, let me encourage you that life and happiness do return.
I am so blessed to hear that you have good friends around you and that you are able to give out as well as receive. I have found in my worst times, if I can give to others it brings life to me.
One of the hardest things is all the advice people want to give you, all meaning well. It can get very confusing. I was careful who I let speak into my life and asked that I be allowed to rant but that others wouldn't join me in my pity party, rather that they would listen and care, but help me pick up and move ahead, no matter how slowly.
You have good friends, it seems.
Keep knitting, what a great thing. As insanknitty said, you have good friends in those knitters.
God bless you, Ipray for you in your pain.

dobarah said...

Everyone posting before me has had such insightful comments...I really can't do anything else than add a hearty 'Amen!' (Well, except for the beach thing...there just isn't one in Montana!) You truly do have good friends, have committed great deeds, and your knits...well, they need to get entered in a fair! All in all, you are a very special person, and special to us!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I will continue to support you through prayers and love, and I too am working through pain caused by son by knitting and giving to charities, it feels so good to feel appreciated and it will work that way for you too!

chanknits said...

LOVE the colors in the booga bag, and lace is looking good!

Hang in there. I'm so glad you have such a strong network to support you, and you know my prayers will continue. Just let me know when you want another yarn crawl...

Blanche Knits in DC said...

I'm so glad that I can be withyou in your time of need! I know that saturday and sunday were super fun with helping me move! I mean who else could help you pull up yours pants in the middle of DC :)

I'll always be here for you. Just know that! And also...Saturday night is going to be FUN! :)

Littlelou said...

Have you ever read 'There's a Slight Chance I Might Be Going to Hell' by Laurie Notaro? Its about a woman who moves to a new town and tries to find friends. Its a great funny read and will be sure to put a smile on your face at both the sublime and ridiculous.

Liz said...

I love the colours of your Booga Bag, they're beautiful.

So sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time recently. Glad you have such good friends around you to help you get to the summertime when things will seem better. Everything is sent to us for a reason and we all become better people for going through difficulty and pain, I truly believe that, and this will lead you to something better, I am sure.

Sending you love and BIG positive vibes. xx