Friday, February 15, 2008

more SITMT contest post

Contest 2: Spring Knitting
Post about your spring knitting plans. Do you have a new project in mind? Joining a new group? Any new goals you wish to share? (5 points)

For this spring I'm really hoping to finish off on the projects I've got going now. And maybe get a pair of socks or two in there as well. I was also thinking of starting up a recycling KAL this spring (we'll see.... maybe). Somewhere along the line I saw someone knit up a shopping tote with all those plastic bags you get at the grocery store. I kind of dig that idea and might like to try it out.

Contest 3: Share the Yarn Love
Let's face it, there are a lot of knitters out there. And with that goes the fact that there is a lot of yarn out there! For this contest you will post 10 of your favorite yarns out there. They can be just sock yarn or lace or whatever your heart desires. (10 points for posting; 20 if you add the links to the companies)

These come to mind at the moment:
1. Jitterbug
2. Malabrigo
3. Lorna's Laces
4. Cascade 220
5. Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo
6. Extra Stampato
7. Rowan Big Wool
8. Lamb's Pride
9. Tofutsies
10. Claudia Hand Painted


dobarah said...

Hey, I would recycle in a KAL with you...let me know!

Blanche Knits in DC said...

MMMMMMalabrigo! YUMMY!!! And jitterbug.. soon to be in my stash.. I hear to Loopy Ewe website calling my name...

p3knitter said...

I have to agree with Blanche ... mmmmmmMalabrigio!

Virtuous said...

Wow 10?!? Gurl I only have 2 Haha!

For spring time I plan to knit Flair, a cable shrug (yeah off huh), and 1 pair of socks (plan to do majority in summer!)

As far as favorite yarns:

~ NORO - Silk Garden & Shinano (can that count as 2? LOL)

~ Malabrigo - feels like butter & FAB oclors

~ Jitterbug!! :o) LUV the colors!

And ur um yeah..haha!

~ Silky Tweed/Wool - very nice!!

~ Moda-Dea - Silk 'n Wool (from AC Moore)

~ Lornas Laces - Worsted
(whew that is only 6....still stretching)

~ Cascade 220 (b/c it comes in great colors and nice yardage)

~ Blue Sky yarns - even though I have yet to knit with them! They seem uber lucious! :o)
(yes I am at the bottom of my yarn barrel! Haha)

~ Lion Brand Thick & Quick - b/c just what the name implies! AND comes in great colors

One more to go!!!

~ Just bought Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for a swap pal and MUST try it for myself! It is divine!!

chanknits said...

Great list! Malabrigo... I was going to order some tonight. Thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

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