Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring break round up

This year's spring break was all about resting and relaxing as much as possible. I spent most of the week catching up on some much needed sleep. I'm still not sleeping continually throughout the night but the naps throughout the day are helping with that and I'm feeling much better. My hair is shiny, thicker and healthier from not using any product and only washing it every other day this week. Sarah and I spent a little time on Monday pampering our little tootsies and I've been prancing around in flip flops ever since.

I decided to round out the week with a road trip home to spend a little time with the kin folk and the little man. Sarah tagged along for the fun which made the 4 hour drive a hoot and a half. Together we are tag knitting some hats for chemo patients for a fellow blogger and Sarah finished off two of the hats while on the road (with the help of a camping lantern when the sun went down :) ). Before family came over on Saturday we 'kidnapped' the little man for a little tour of the local's finest - chocolate and yarn! Our first stop was Sarris' Candies where we splurged on chocolate covered pretzels, a peanut butter melt away egg, and some fun BeanBoozled jelly beans to have a little fun with the relatives later that day. The little man was dazed and fascinated by all the bright lights and sights to see there.

Then it was off to check out the local yarn ware. A quick stop in The Knit Shoppe landed Sarah with a great bargain on some Cascade 220. I restrained myself and entertained the little man as he began to get a little cranky with these two strange women.

When we ventured to my new local favorite, Bloomin' Yarns, I could restrain myself no longer. Look what called out to me to find it a new home...

By this point the little man's crankiness was in full bloom so we cut the yarn fondling short and headed home for some home cooked goodness and family fun. Sarah had a blast getting each member to try the BeanBoozles. Dad got Skunk Spray and Booger and Brother Mark got Booger and Vomit!!! What fun!!! The only 'bad' one I got was Black Pepper which wasn't so bad by comparison.

The day also brought with it a visit from my favorite neighbor, Mrs. J. She took pictures of us each year on our first day of school in our new school outfits. Being a knitter and crocheter herself, she always has some little project going on which she shares with everyone she sees. Look what she brought with her on this visit...
They're sink scrubbies made from netting. Mom says they are great for scrubbing pots. Apparently they're also good for exfoliating in the shower.

Before I left I wound some of my favorite Jitterbug in two lovely colorways and finally cast on for the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

It's amazing how the colors are knitting up! I'm so in love that it's taking me forever to knit because I stop every few rows to admire the colors. I can't stop admiring and smiling.
Today is my last day of laying around watching TNT Prime Time in the Day Time. It's back to the grind tomorrow.


KSee said...

Oh, your new yarn looks yummy. I can understand your admiring the scarf. I would not have thought to but yarns together like that. Thanks for sharing

Virtuous said...

Sounds like you had a really nice spring break and great time with family over the Easter weekend!

Yum! @ your Chevron! And I am really liking that lavender yarn from the LYS!

Blanche Knits in DC said...

i LOVE IT! It's actually growing now... Thanks for a fun weekend! Glad I could entertain the family! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it all. The scarf looks great. Obviously, the two yarns I selected are too close together and when I attack that pattern, I'll need to try two very different colors!