Monday, June 23, 2008

SITMT pal meet up

On Saturday I had the opportunity to meet up with my downstream SITMT secret pal. She happen to be driving up to the area so we met for lunch at Panara's. She had commented on the sock blockers that I made and I promised that I would help her make her own pair. Here she is donning a pair of her very own.
After chatter for hours and getting very little knitting done, we decided to head over to World Market to pick up a few goodies for current swap pals. Iva had her Loopey Ewe with her so we did a sort of 'round the world photo shoot - Africa, India, China.
Thanks Iva for a wonderfully fun afternoon! I hope that we get to do it again sometime

Today Sarah and I were out and about picking up great deals. Got some great yarns for secret pals so I can't show them here... sorry.


Channon said...

Looks like good fun! Love those big smiles.

Reckless Glue said...

meme mission accomplished captain!

also love those polka-dots :)