Thursday, September 25, 2008

Postponement and Promises

OK, so I took my camera to school today to take some photos of some great stuff going on in classrooms and I forgot the camera in my desk. So I don't have the photos to download to the computer from the fab-u package my SP12 pal sent me yesterday. Have I mentioned that I love my SP12 pal? Well, I do. And when you see the photos you'll love her too.

So instead of photos of received packages I'll post some promises.
  1. I promise to post tomorrow night regarding the SP12 package. For tonight I'll just enjoy it!
  2. I promise work on finishing up my AHEDE pal's package this weekend so that it'll be ready to send out sometime next week so that she'll have plenty of time to enjoy all the fun stuff included as she prepares for Halloween.
  3. I promise to get back to knitting socks. Even joined Socktober Fest. I'm hoping to finish the Anastasia socks, knit me some Steelers socks, and start on Aunt Carol's Christmas socks. I may be shooting high, but at least I'm shooting.
  4. I promise to take photos of my clear Sketchers that I purchased over the summer to show off my knitted socks to add to the excitement of Socktober Fest. I even plan to wear them once a week during Socktober Fest.
  5. I plan to somehow catch up on my blog reading and maybe even leave a few comments like bread crumbs along the trail.

1 comment:

Virtuous said...

Okay I am SO going to CO this weekend! ;op There goes my hopeful promise!! :o)

Have a great and fulfilling weekend Wendy!