Monday, October 13, 2008

Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Knitted Sock

I, along with so many of you out there celebrating SocktoberFest, am participating in the Mystery Sock KAL with Through the Loops on Ravelry. I was off to a little bit of a late start last week and I totally didn't get a chance to post here about due to all those issues mentioned from the previous post. So tonight I give you a double dosing of mystery madness.

The pre-KAL note call for using a solid or semi-solid colorway and I'd been wanting to try out the Knit Picks Gloss that I picked up a little while ago. Since it appeared to fit the bill better than most of the colorways in my stash, the decision was easy.

DSC01971 src="" width=240>

The night of the debate I was frantically trying to catch up with getting the cuff finished so I wouldn't be too behind everyone else. Lucky me that the steps are short and easy. I'm using dpns size 2 and I've got both socks going at one time so that by the time we get to the last clue I'll have a complete pair all ready to wear.
When the second clue came out I was all ready to join my fellow mystery knitters. But then I forgot to print out the pattern at work two days in a row. Damn busy school people. Now, I'm fully recovered again and back in the black ready for clue #3.

DSC02210 src="" width=240>

So where this sock is going is still any one's guess, but I'm enjoying it so far. I like the simple chain-like pattern along the leg. Match it with the colorway and I've got a very classy looking sock so far with a touch of elegant detail. If you're not participating in the group, you should check out the others on Ravelry and see the progress being made in various yarns and colorways. It's amazing how the same pattern can give quite a different look with a different yarn. It's kind of like a decide your own mystery book.

eta: Can anyone tell me what I did wrong here? I deleted the photo of the yarn from my hard drive but it was on my Flickr account so I attempted to use that photo and used the same method of posting a photo as you do in a forum post on Ravelry. The photo was there in my draft posting, but now that it's published, it's just a code link. What did I do wrong?

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Channon said...

Can't help you... I have enough problems understanding Wordpress... The sock mystery sounds fun!