Monday, September 24, 2007

Answers for Chan

Chan had a few questions for me and I decided to post them here. Some of the questions might provide insite to others with whom I may be swapping with now and in the future.

1. Is there anything you love, but would never knit for yourself? I’m kind of getting into wearing wraps at work. You never know about the temperatures in these school buildings or even room to room. The wrap is so versatile and helps me to regulate my own temperature throughout my day but I have yet to knit one.

2. What colors do you dislike? Strangely enough my eyes are drawn to very bright brilliant colors but I really don’t like wearing them. Yellows and Pinks are usually not my favorite unless the yellow is very golden or it’s a paler pink paired with brown. Also, although I do like Cream (it’s part of that fall Brown family that I love so much) it doesn’t look so good on me unless I’ve gotten a really great tan over the summer.

3. What are your foot measurements/shoe size? I wear a size 9 shoe. Foot measurements include (and please let me know if I’m missing any pertinent information here): Ankle circumference – 9 inches, foot circumference – 9 inches, Foot length – 10 inches. I don’t know if this matters or not, but I have very high arches. See.4. Are you sensitive to any fibers? Do you prefer a particular fiber? I really don’t like the feel of the synthetics (acrylic and nylon) on my skin and I tend to sweat more in them. I’m finding that I like knitting with cotton and/or bamboo blends. But I still feel a little on the yarn type virgin side being that there are so many yarn types out there that I haven’t tried yet so I have no reference.

5. Does anyone other than Amy have a significant event coming up for which something special might be appropriate? I’ll be 31 in mid-October but other than that, nothing really special coming up that I know of.

6. Who is your favorite fictional character? (For instance, after wanting to be Trixie Belden most of my life, I now want to be Lisa Cuddy, even though I swear her character is modeled after a friend of mine.) Grissim from CSI maybe. I love the way he thinks and poses questions to others.

7. Is there anything you would *NOT* want me to knit for you? (Don't worry about sweaters, unless it's for a pet or a stuff animal. They're still too scary for me.) I have a drawer full of dish rags that my childhood neighbor restocks on a regular basis.

8. Of all the things you've knitted, what is your favorite? Maybe the Monkey socks I made for my Color Red Swap partner. I was very pleased at the way they came out and it was hard to give them up. But I’ve got plans for my own Monkey socks in the same yarn but a different color way. Yeah me!

And as a last thought, Chan, I would LOVE to meet you in person at some point! My schedule is open and yet constantly changing at the moment so you’ll have to call a general time frame and we’ll go from there.
Can ya tell I'm diggin' that fall is here, at least in theory?


Virtuous said...

I love reading and learning more about you!! :o)

I knew you would say the Monkey socks! Can't wait to see the ones you plan to knit up for yourself!

And it sounds like Chan has big knitting plans for you too!! ;op Good stuff!!

Channon said...

Very good stuff there indeed! October is a big month for birthdays and anniversaries. Congrats in advance, and thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.