Sunday, September 30, 2007


Being sick sucks!

I've taught in the classroom for 8 years and very rarely was I ever sick. Usually just bothered by my own personal allergies (ya know from the bad ventilation systems in the schools) and sinus infections. But this year I'm not even in the classroom and I've had one head cold after another ever since school started! I wake up every morning not being able to breathe, a bucket and a half of snot coming out of every hole in my head, my eyes watering to the point of dehydration and I'm lucky if I catch all of this before sneezing it all over the bed and floor. (Watch where you sit and step just in case.)

Now Honey is also sick and between the two of us we've gone through two whole economy sized Kleenex boxes already this weekend. I'm all into reusing things so the empty boxes are now making great little havens for all the used germy snotty Kleenexs so they can all live happily together instead of all over the floor and coffee table. I've taken stock in Lysol for how much I keep spraying around the house to try to kill any germs hanging around. I've washed my hands so much that the soap is drying up my hands and making my fingers raw as I knit. Everything I touch needs to be disinfected. It's a good thing that I'm knitting felting projects and will be washed shortly. It's also a good thing that the weather is beautiful this weekend so I can open the doors and windows to try to air out the house a little.

For those of you from WW reading this, I'm totally off plan again this weekend. My body needs additional carbs at the moment to help soak up the snot in my belly.

On a good note, I did get out of the house for a little while yesterday to do a little shopping. I promise that I tried not to breathe on anyone. Picked up some nice felting yarn to begin working on my House Along project this week. (I missed last week because Honey had family visiting from New Zealand.) And Borders was having their teacher week so I picked up a few books for Christmas gifts as well as a few freebes they were giving to teachers and three great reads for myself.

No pics for today. The house looks like an Army-Navy store exploded in it. Honey is planning on taking a four day bike trip down the C & O Canal or something or other. I'm up to my ears in all his camping and biking gear everywhere. At least the snot rags are not living amongst the gear anymore.


Virtuous said...

Ooohhh I so hope you kick that cold sooon!! You and Honey feel better!!

Channon said...

Get well soon!

And I bet my hubby's list would top yours for movies viewed...