Monday, November 12, 2007

Fingerless Fun

Isn't it just fabulous to have a long weekend? They can be so good for the soul. Does anyone out there in blog land have any pull in the calendar and government holidays department and can swing us a few more of these throughout the year??? I would be totally grateful.

For all the amazingly brave and honorable work that our veterans out there have done for me, my family, my friends, you, and the rest of the country, I really am truly grateful. I have several friends fulfilling their service as we speak and goody packages are heading their way as I type. I was hoping the packages would be received in time for today, but you never know with military mail. Maybe they are sitting comfortably with our soldiers enjoying the tasty treats inside.

So how have I spent my long weekend so far? Well, Friday started off on a good foot as I actually got out of work at a decent time (only 30 minutes after the official end of the work day) so I headed into the city to pick up Sarah and road trip it to the other end of town to A Tangled Skein - Sarah's first visit. I knew it would be love at first sight. I picked up three lovely skeins of Classic Elite's Wool Bam Boo. One in chocolate, a classic blue, and cream. I had plans for the Fetchings I keep hearing so much about. By the time we got home there was time to have Honey take me out to Ted's for dinner and then cuddle on the couch for a little while. The weather was already turning towards rain and you know the headache was right around the corner. (It actually began to show itself before we left A Tangled Skein.)

There were plenty of items on my to do list for Saturday but unfortunately I awoke with the sure to be headache and ended up spending most of the day sleeping on and off on the couch while Honey went off to play a round of golf with the boys from the office. The only items from my to do list that got done were the dishes and these:
They would be's Fetchings. Quite frankly I'm a little disappointed. They turned out a little short on the hand for my taste. I'm debating frogging them. I adore the Wool Bam Boo and love the way they feel against my skin but these just aren't enough. But the idea of having fingerless gloves intrigued me. So I searched around and found these and so began my second pair:
Oh what heaven!!! I'm digging these so much that I'm planning on making several more pairs! Sarah, you've gotta try these! I bet your brother would love them too in a nice black to match his soon to be hat. The only thing holding me back is that I keep stopping to try them on. They feel sooooo wonderful on that I hate to take them off! I have a feeling I'll be knitting the second one while wearing this one!

Yesterday I spent the day catching up on some of the household chores from the day before and then an afternoon with the old roomie. We visited Kay's (Angle Neighbor) trunk show and bought a few goodies as pre-Christmas gifts for ourselves. I picked up this great little fabric bowl to house some special jewelry items. She's got some great items over there. Feel free to pop on over for a little peek. You may just find that little added something special for a swap package or to round out a fab holiday gift.
Sharon (old roomie) and I then headed of to Tyson's Corner for some shopping fun. The original thought was to do a little early holiday shopping, or at least get a few ideas. Dontcha know we only bought things for ourselves! Ha! But I'm very happy with my day's purchases.

Today is for catching up on some blog reading and getting to work on a UVA paper and project. I'm getting ready to buckle down to some good old fashion school work and a nice cup of Hot Apple Cider, courtesy of my Fall Swap partner, Lacey. I'm sure that I'll find a reason to take a break and finish up the those fingerless gloves above. It would be a shame not to really.

How have you spent your 3 day weekend?


Channon said...

LOVE the colors on both mitts, but the second pattern is incredible!

Virtuous said...

Yeah sorry the fetchings didn't work out for you. I would definitely frog and re-knit them. I love the chocolate color! And I did add and extra round of cables on mine! You might want to add two for you!

But I am lovin' the Nicholas fingerless mitts!! They actually have fingers on those too!

I so wore my other one at the same time as I was knitting up the 2nd one! Haha! :op

I didn't have Monday off, but I am taking this Friday off! YAH!