Thursday, November 8, 2007

Keepin' busy

Life is full of all it's ups and downs and all the in betweens. It's to the left. It's to the right. It's up the middle and down the road and over the hill. The fact is life is just full. And lately it's felt fuller than normal.

But this week, unlike last week, I was able to fit in a little knitting to help round out the fullness.

I decided that my old college roomie needed some knitted dishrags as part of her Christmas present and so produced these two quick delights. With little knitting time available this week, I felt the need to complete something in one sitting. These did the trick! Each one only took me about 1 1/2 hours. I don't know what happened to the purple heart one. It came out nearly half the size of the summer sun. It might help to define the images if I would block it... we'll see if I get around to that. I have my eyes on a few more patterns to round out this set. This week I got to watch House and play along with the House Along gang and work on the cascading flowers for the felted bag I'm planning on giving my cousin for Christmas. I was so impressed at how complicated it began to look at one point and then coming out with a really cool flower. Can't wait to see how it looks once I have a few more of these beauties and it's all felted!
(Edited to include this little tid-bit that Stacey reminded me that I should include: The cool thing is that you are knitting an icord and then all of a sudden to do some kfb all the way around and you put the first stitch on one needle and the second stitch on a second needle. But I was having an issue with keeping 8 needles with stitches on them. They kept sliding through. So I decided to put them all on stitch marker thingies until I was ready for each petal which totall helped a LOT!!!)
As for the show... la-oving it!!! I'm so glad that the dork was kicked out. I never liked him and was just waiting for him to leave. The addition of a lust interest for House is intriguing. Wonder how Cameron is going to take this!

Last night I had myself a little dance party for 25 minutes as I pranced around singing "I'm gonna wash that grey right out of my hair!" Boy, that dates me doesn't it! Take a look at the results. It's called "Chocolate Peanut Butter". Yummy! Couldn't you just eat me up! But don't look at the double chin action happening there. I blame it on the angle and taking the photo myself. (humor me please) Instead, check out the awesome knit vesty thing I picked up at Target after work yesterday. La-ove it!
Gotta go... decisions to be made over watching Grey's and watching CSI. But definitely Without a Trace afterwards! Oh the decisions to be made!


Virtuous said...

OOh you got some knitting in!! YAH!
You are such a giving knitter!

I must find that pattern for the cascading flowers. Is that from Noni? But it looks like you are using something to help make hte flowers??

I am liking your new hair color and how long your hair is getting!

And I was "just" going to ask you did you make that vest and I was "just" looking the green one last night!! HAHA!! But opted out since it is like 75% aryclic. But it is VERY cute...if it goes on sale I will snatch it up! :op

I hope you get some more knitting in this weekend to round out your life!!

Blanche Knits in DC said...

OOHHH! Today is going to be so much fun!!

I'm glad you got a little knitting in! Your bag is fantastic, love it! Can't wait to see it all felted and completed!

Thanks for the patterns, I'm thinking a nice coffee/tea cup cozy times 2 for Ora and Heather... YAY!

See you in a few hours!

dobarah said...

Aren't dishclothes good for the knitting mojo? My college buddy will also be getting some for Christmas, but last night she requested a few to hold her over. It is good to feel needed!

I love your new color, and I hope you get so much deserved knitting time this weekend. I have reading to do, but if I put the bag of m&ms over the pages to hold it open, I can do some mindless knitting while I read.

Happy Friday!

Channon said...

Love the hair color. Shhh... Don't tell me too much about House; I missed Tuesday's episode and plan to catch it when it rolls around on Fridays. (10 or 11 pm on USA)

jasmine said...

Nice hair.

Sonya said...

I watched Grey's on the computer today. CSI and With out a Trace were really good.