Thursday, November 29, 2007


I know, I know, I know....
I promised photos and details of my finished fingerless mitts and I don't have them. Well, actually I do have them, but I'm not going to show you.... just yet. I'm almost finished with my pair (the one with short fingers but no tips) and I thought it might be nice to post about them together. I just have to finish the fingery parts on the left glove and then you'll get to drool all over them. I really do promise.

But instead of leaving you totally out in the dust and FO photoless, I present to you College Roomie's little one:

(Don't ask me how she got the photo to rotate properly. I just copied the photo file from her - it came rotated.) This is a sweater that I knit up for her when she was born way back in the spring and she's finally getting to wear it. Isn't it, I mean she, adorable?!?!? I think I've been commissioned to create a wardrobe.

Sorry Stacey but I don't have details to share with this one. I can't remember what I used with this one. But I promise to include details on the next FO post.

Gotta get off to finish a paper for my UVA class....

But check this out : Hot Cocoa Swap! Tasty swap fun!!! And there's a contest going on!

I've also been tagged by Michelle for a Meme on 8 gross things about me. I'll have to think a little on that one and get back to ya. So check back again soon.

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Virtuous said...

No worries! Super cute for her!
Looks like you knitted up the perfect size!

Good luck on your paper!!