Thursday, November 29, 2007


OK... I still feel like the new kid on the block and so I feel that I must play by the rules, no matter how disgusting those rules appear to be. And being the new kid on the block I'm bound to make feeble attempts at impressing the cool kids (you all know who you are and hopefully you know that I'm looking up to you, so please steer me in the right direction, or at least take it easy on me every now and then).

And so that brings me to the MEME: GROSS.

I've always thought of myself as an open book, just turn to the right page and ask the right questions and I'll probably give you more than you ever wanted to know and possibly get side tracked along the way. But if this is what you really want to know, (or maybe you really don't and in that case I'll forgive you if you stop reading now and leave to find something better to spend your time with.) then I guess I'll have to follow suit and give it to you. (No really, you might not want to read further.)

8 Gross things about me:
1. I wake up every morning with a nose and throat full of snot and will do whatever it takes to dislodge it from there and get ride of it. Oh, the pleasant sounds coming from the bathroom first thing in the morning!
2. I like to touch my feet. My own feet. No one else's. Just mine. While I'm sitting on the couch, if I don't have knitting in my hands I'm probably playing with my toes, rubbing the calluses on my heals, picking at the lint and skin from the crevices on the sides of the nails.
3. My family is obsessed with bodily noises and smells. When I'm with them I'm one of the gang. You just can't help but join in on the fun with them.
4. I love scratching my head. I could spend all day scratching away and then scraping the dead cells from under my fingernails.
5. When I had my surgery and had to cut off all my hair (almost 13 years ago) I kept the hair they cut off. There's a nice strand of it braided and put into a photo album with other gross pictures of me after the surgery. Another big hunk of cut hair went into the box with Buddy when he was buried.
6. No matter how cold it is, I sweat. The sweat makes my clothes damp and then I feel even colder. And yet I sweat on.
7. If I'm away from my own toothbrush and my teeth are beginning to feel a little sticky and furry (usually cause I've eaten something baked goods like that I shouldn't have) I might just use my fingernail to scrape some of the gooeiness.
8. I enjoy changing infant diapers. They may be gross, but I relish in the joy they have being nekid even if it means I'm in danger of being peed on or passing out from the toxic fumes.

So there you have it. Can I please be a member of the cool kids club now?

And to pass along this embarrassing moment, I'm tagging:
Stacey, Jasmine, Sarah, and Dobarah.


Cass said...

HE HE!!! I love it!
And I read them all.

Channon said...

Oh, now see... I do gross things all day long and don't even realize I'm being gross!!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

LOL, I've not been blogging in quite a while and I decide to stop by and I, like channon, realize I'm gross and didn't even know it, either, LOL!!!
Happy Holidays Gross Ones!

Becka said...

Hey, and I didn't even know we had the cool nickname feature! Told ya I hadn't been blogging in forever! Deals with The Leg as usual! No biggie, though, just letting ya know why I'm neglectful. I will now be my nickname, I think....

Virtuous said...

*holds mouth* Haha!! Those weren't that bad! Haha! You would be suprised how many others do the some of those same things.

But yeah I am so going to pass on this one!! ;op