Saturday, December 8, 2007

An FO, a YD, a 1.2 FO, and an LA

(Finished Object)
Let's start off on a happy note. GD#2 will also be getting a pair of fingerless mits this Christmas. I decided to give Fetchings another try. (Remember the first pair were a bit disappointing with the range they covered my hands.) This time I worked them up on size 3 dpns and some Louet Gems in Mourning Dov that I picked up while I was home for Turkey Day. GD#2 is only 11 but going on 21 and thin as a rail. Honestly I don't know how she got those jeans in the family. She wears a size 0, no kidding, they actually make them in that size! So even though they look a little snug on my healthy size 10 jeans hands, I'm betting they will be perfect for her slim digits.

In order to compensate for the smaller gauge, needles, and the fact that I wanted them to cover more hand area, I made a few adjustments to the pattern. First off I completed 5 in pattern rounds of the cable row for the wrist and then 30 rows for the hand before marking for the thumb. There are 12 rows after the thumb marking, 1 cable row, and then 8 rows before BO in pattern. The thumb has 8 rows as well. Over all, I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Which is good cause I don't have time to start over on them and get everything done before Christmas.

Now on to the aftermath of these beauties..... aurgh!!!
(Yarn Disaster)

I began to complain about this the other day with my search for yarn bras. When I finished the Fetchings and I looked at the deflated skein I had left, I thought about maybe making some sort of matching headband thingy but wondered at how much yarn I really had left. It was hard to tell the way it was all starting to fall apart in disorder, so I thought I would simply re-cake it. Or so I thought. Somehow I managed to get it all twisted and figured that maybe I just needed to start from the other end. This is where I stood this afternoon.

I appeared to be getting nowhere but in tangles. I finally resorted to this: (knitters beware, this is not for the faint of heart)

And ended up with this:

1/2 FO
(Half of a Finished Object)

On a lighter note, one of my Christmas socks is finished!

The verdict is still out on how I feel about how the way the colorway is coming out, but they are very Christmasy indeed so I guess that's all that really matters right now. More details will follow when it has a mate. Hopefully then the lighting will be better and you'll have a better look at what they really look like.
And finally...

(Lazy Arse)

Today was supposed to be a day to catch up on a few things around the house (including some delightful knitting) but so far I'm lucky that I've showered. I've had a headache all day and haven't felt like doing much of anything. So I haven't. I've spent most of the day laying on the couch watching really bad movies on Oxygen and Lifetime. Pretty pathetic right? I agree. But I guess my body needed it... or so that's the excuse I'm sticking to at the moment.

The other day I mentioned that I opened a gift from cr already and I promised a pic. All you sickos and pervs and just dirty minded knitters out there, be prepared to blush and giggle:

That's right. I'm now a proud owned of a tube of SNATCH!!! It would appear to be a twist on Scrabble or something. Honey and I agree that it would make for a very good drinking game. But alas, Honey is down at the build, and I'm here alone on the couch. So for now I'll just play with the letter tiles and think about knitting.


KSee said...

Thank for stopping by. I love the way your gloves turned out. I have not attempted cables yet. Short attention span at the moment. The last time I had a YD I got as far as I could & pitched the rest. Bras, I forgot I have them. Have to remember where I put them! Funny how we find our very own neighbors.

Channon said...


I think your day was just what you needed. The Knight always handled my YDs though... he's aptly named, you see!

Cass said...

Your Fetchings are gorgeous! I love that pattern.
And I spent about 2 hours last night with 2 (TWO) tangled skeins of Patagonia Nature Cotton, so I feel your pain. It was a PITA and drove me to drink.

Virtuous said...

Yes your fetchings came out wonderful! I like them snug (even though they are a gift) and I definitely lengthened mine too!

Glad you got semi untangled!

LOL! @ snatch

Blanche83 said...

I love the fetchings! They fit me too :) I think your family is going to love all the fingerless mitts you are making them! I have two finished scarves that you will like to see, and some other fun stuff I've finished :)

See you tonight!