Thursday, December 6, 2007

I want this too... No, I NEED this!!

I am actually working on some knitting tonight and now that I'm more than 1/2 way through what was once a very nice yarn cake, the cake has caved and now looks more like a deflated cone and is starting to unravel at the other end. I think I need a Yarn Bra:

(Click on the photo to take you to SpinBlessing or StitchesMarket for ordering.)

On another note, my dear blessed old college roomie sent me my Christmas packages already. Now, here's a girl who knows how impatient I am about giving and getting gifts... and she sends them now???? I have to wait how long to open them???? They have to sit under my tree staring me, calling my name and I'm not aloud to touch them for how many more billions of hours???? Is she crazy????

So I said something to Honey that apparently offended him and to make it up to him I suggested that he help me open one of the gifts. He took a complete 180 and was all happy again. Boy am I tricky or what! It's late and I don't know where my camera is at the moment (really need to go to bed) so I'll post a picture sometime before weekend's end. And Cass, you are totally going to have to check it out. The name of the item alone screams that you really need this!


Virtuous said...

LOL @ billions of hours.

I know exactly what you mean! :o)

I haven't eve shopped for my niece yet!!! Yikes!

I have see the yarn bras but just put mine in a plastic bag LOL

Have a great weekend Wendy!

Channon said...

I have looked at yarn bras, and am hoping that the fresh fruit I have sitting in my inlaws' living room is wrapped individually in something VERY similar...

Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

Well, you know we have to be crafty as far as our men are concerned. It is what keeps thing ticking over! I agree about the zip lock baggie. They work great and can be changed as needed.