Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holiday shopping... for me???

Things have been busy and yet lazy around here. Work has been crazy with changes happening every minute. So much so that I'd better take up doing yoga a few times a week again just to help keep me flexible. ha ha. Actually I need to be doing the yoga to get rid of the bulge that is beginning to show itself again in my belly region...again. On the home front the laziness has kicked in this week. Very little has gotten done with anything while I'm home. The house has gone to shambles, very little knitting progress to speak of (I'm ashamed), and the final items on the Christmas list have been left untouched (was hoping to be done already).

But today in the mail was the Crate and Barrel Gift Guide 2007 and has sparked some interest... at least in the shopping area. The bad thing is it hasn't given me any ideas of what to get for others, just ideas for what to get for me!!! I'm feeling very selfish right now.... but look at these little goodies!

(If you click on any of the pics it will take you to the site for descriptions and purchasing.)
And of course there's all the other great stuff that Crate and Barrel has, these are just there specially for the holidays. It's got me in the mood to browse and shop... maybe I'll browse some on-line yarn this evening and stock up for a winter storm. I mean there's all those great new Knitty patterns to tackle (after I finish the ones from the fall issue!) If you haven't headed over to lately - do so now!


Channon said...

I see mittens!! I love the little red mittens... Would leaving the pages marked and obvious to your hubby work?

Your house sounds like mine. I am this far (press thumb and index finger together HARD) from announcing I'm in a holiday slump. Hang in there!!

Virtuous said...

I am joining the club of laziness!
Hopefully I can shake it off over the weekend! :o)