Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dwelling on 2007 and Plans for 2008

There's been good reason for my absence here, but I'm not sure that I'm ready to share my thoughts just yet. I'm still thinking through it and I don't want to risk putting my thoughts into written words just yet. But I will say that this... dilemma let's call it... has gotten me all twisted up about wanting to blog and what to report on when I do. So I've been avoiding it. This morning I layed in fear that I'm loosing my blogging energy because I'm having trouble getting my thoughts together to get through this. But then I thought about all the wonderful people out there in blog land that I've met and who have commented on how blogging has gotten them through some tough times. So here I am, busting through the walls I'm building around myself to return to the life of a blogger. Rather than spend my time here dwelling on my twisted thoughts, I think I'll just focus on the positive.
First some holiday knifty gifties! Feast your eyes on these beauties! (Chan, don't be too jealous over the polka dots.)
It's a Knitpickers Carry All Traveler from Michael's. While I was home for the holidays I started on the Chevron Fantastic Afghan with the yarn Mom sent me for my birthday. I'm adapting the pattern a little bit by only using three colors and only using the first two chevron patterns instead of all six. So far, I'm enjoying the mindless energy going into a project like this. And best of all it fits perfectly in my new bag! (at least for now it does!) The bag is great! Is has to external large pockets and two internal ones plus lots of room for projects and yarn. To go along with this bag, Mom also got me this:
It's a matching sock bag! And lookie what's inside! Two skeins each of two fabulous colorways of ShiBui sock yarn - Autumn and Stone. Mom's are the best! In another beautifully wrapped package were these to add to the bookshelf:
A trip to the largest JoAnn's that I've ever seen had me walking away with a slight additional build of the yarn stash, including :
for a felted bag project,

for a nice scarf maybe hat project, and some great organic cotton that I'm planning on using to knit up some great spa gifts for friends for next Christmas. (Hoping to get a little jump on things.) To top it all off, my annual tree ornament: Perfect! Don't you think?!
And so now we're on to 2008. Can you believe it already? Crazy, I tell you, just crazy how the time flies!
So I think this year rather than make New Year's Resolutions that I'll never keep, I think I'm going to try to make monthly goals. Take smaller, more manageable steps.
My goals for January include:
1. develop an exercise plan for two to three days a week - and stick to it!
2. reinvest myself in the WW program - actually start following the Flex Plan to a T again.
3. take my vitamins every day.
4. finish (or at least work on) all unfinished knit projects from 2007. Maybe I'll even add a little something to the side bar to help keep track of this one.
Here's to a new year filled with new experiences, new challenges, and hopefully new joys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sock Pal...I hope you get out of your sad state...unfortunately I have been in one too. Your New Years plans sound like mine and I hope you and I both succeed. I am sorry I haven't gotten a package to you yet. I was sick the week before Christmas and during....better now but it put me so far behind. Anyway,chin up and smile when you look at those wonderful items your mom gave you! I spoiled my daughter too as she did me! Take care and Happy New Year.
Sock it To Me Pal

Virtuous said...

I am SO glad you still plan on blogging! I would miss you dearly!

Hope we get to talk soon again and all is better!

I pray for a healthy and prosperous 2008 for you!!

Sonya said...

You got some wonderful things.
I love the polka dot bag.

Here's to a us having better times in the New Year.

Blanche Knits in DC said...

I have missed you! I'm glad you are back! We will be on the WW journey together! I plan on trying to lose the rest of my weight this year with help from all my WW friends! :)

I hope you had get through whatever it is that is going on. I'm here to listen if you need some ears.

And I LOVE that bag. It's great. I also love your new project and I can't wait to show you mine! It's awesome... My first sweater. :)


Channon said...

Smooch, smooch! I'd be jealous if you hadn't said where, and if I didn't happen to have a gift card to Michael's!!

I'm counting on 2008 being better for a lot of us 2007 didn't treat well.

Anonymous said...

You got some good stuff!! Keep Knitting, it brings the Serotonin levels up.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Maybe we can start a WW mini group? Hmm.

emicat said...

I'm hoping to get back on track and get exercise at least twice a week too. I'd like to get to the point of daily exercise, but I'm taking baby steps.

I didn't call my goals "resolutions" but just rather a "to do" list.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)