Monday, January 7, 2008

SITMT takes 5

I know I've already posted that I'm setting reachable monthly goals for myself this year, but the Sock It To Me Twice swap is asking that we post 5 goals for the year 2008. While I'm leery about committing to yearly goals, the following are the overarching ideas that my monthly goals stem from.

1. To become healthier. Two summers ago I joined Weight Watchers because I feared that my weight might get out of control. Not that I really consider myself to be largely overweight at the moment, but I don't want to take that long slide downhill towards it. My family is a large one with several health issues run through its jeans. Dad having a quadruple bi-pass at 49 is just one example. I'm already at risk for health issues I can't control, why should I give my body another reason to fail me?

2. To knit. There are so many projects out there RIGHT NOW that I'd love to shake a needle at. And I'm sure the coming year will bring with it a ton more. I'm happy when I'm knitting and who doesn't want to be happy?

3. To finish projects. I've got a few unfinished items just begging for some attention. I don't want to become one of those knitters who have abandoned projects from 10 years ago (sorry if I just offended anyone as I'm sure I did), but I just don't want that to be me. I have enough of that in my life as it is.

4. To blog. I've caught the bug but am still fearful that I'll lose it. Almost did for just a moment there. I'm learning a lot hanging out here in blog land and have met some great people. Can't wait to see what '08 brings!

5. To be a better person. I'm always looking for ways I can improve myself. I regard myself as a life long learner and there is sooooooo much out there still to learn.

Now, off to start on my partner's socks!


Amy said...

Those all sound like wonderful goals!

My thing this year, and it really is time, is to finally quit smoking. I went to see my neighbor the other day, who is 58 and actively dying, because he smoked so much for so long. That really hit me, and as soon as I get to the doctor at the end of the month, I'm going to try a new pill to help me quit.

Best of luck with all of your goals!

Virtuous said...

Well you always had a thirst for learning so I am sure they will continued to be fueled!

And as far as blogging I feel ya. I still have the bug, but I need to cut back on all this reading and writing of blogs....takes up too much time that I could be focusing on what really got me started and that is knitting!

I am sure you will do well with your goals!!

CynicalKnitter said...

Awesome goals. I totally agree that meeting people in blogland is fun! I also agree with virtuous, yes indeedy.


chanknits said...

Great goals. However, if you'll pardon me, I have to cut this comment short to go cyber hug Amy! I know she ENJOYS smoking, so that's huge.

I can't cut back on my blog reading, but I might reorganize my Reader, so that friends come first!! ;)